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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

 Congratulations Kelly T. You are the winner of the giant gift of 12 files for your classroom!   I understand it's your birthday also... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
What a wonderful month for a birthday ( not really huh? Mine is the 28th ;)
I truly hope your night is terrific... consider this a gift from many in blog-ville.

I've attached a contraction FREEBIE for sharing your kindness and cheer. 
The holiday season is fantastic and so contagious!!  Thanks for sending your joy today!!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow for another chance and another freebie!!!


Rachel said...

I think the best white elephant gift I received was a container of cookies! I am good with food!


Courtney @ Missthirdgrade.com said...

Thanks Lory! We will use this today:)

Unknown said...

I have never participated in a White Elephant gift exchange, since I am not sure if the gift is supposed to be a gag or serious. If someone could offer some good advice, I just might decide to join in at the staff party this year. BTW - how did this type of gift exchange get's it name???
Merry Christmas Cheer to All!
Gail Leighty

katiemg said...

My first year at a new school although I had been in the district for 6 yrs I did the yankee swap. Not sure what to do so I had a poem about gifting a roll of toilet paper. So I attached a dunkin donuts gift card underneath the roll. I wrapped it up and put a little weight in the bag so it would look like a yankee candle. The gift was the best laugh at the party. It was also the year the district went to a 1 ply toilet paper for the teachers bathroom, so people thought it was practical. If you want the poem I can dig it up.... Can you spare a square?