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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 5 - 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY

Day 5 in our GIVEAWAY.
I don't know about you guys... but we always have a faculty Christmas luncheon and end the celebration with a white elephant exchange.  It ALWAYS stresses me out.  My mind doesn't think that way... so today... leave a comment of the BEST white elephant gift you received, gave or heard about... lighten the silly stress load for a few of us... be sure to leave your email and we'll regroup again at 10 PM.
Have a terrific hump day!!


Cherie said...

Sigh - I have NEVER received a White Elephant Gift that I like...


Liz Salcido said...

The best White Elephant gift I saw was a pair of tighty whiteys with Home of The Whopper emblzoned on them.
Liz Salcido

Suzy Q said...

A colleague received a plaque from his class one year...and they misspelled his name! It shows up every single year, in a package always cleverly disguised!

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Stef (Miss Galvin Learns) said...

I've never been involved in a White Elephant exchange, but one of the best ones I heard of was a collection of 'photo props' for Christmas and other occasions (like Santa or elf hats on sticks that you can hold up in a photo). I thought that was kind of neat!


Unknown said...

At a funny white gift exchange one year, I received a leopard print bustier corset lamp... which I promptly took to another white elephant party :)

Wii Fit & A Bet said...

A bottle of champagne and some lottery tickets

andesges AT yahoo DOT com

Krissy said...

I don't know what it is, but it sounds like fun!


Megan said...

My "favorite" white elephant gift I've gotten is a replica of the leg lamp from the movie Christmas story.


Ali said...

We always do this with ornaments at Christmas!! It is so much fun!!! I have also purchased Christmas serving dishes from Kohls for a different group of friends and we play the stealing game!


mmnielsen said...

Chocolate!!! It's always delicious and appreciated!!

Rene said...

I am horrible at the white elephant gift exchange. Makes me wonder why it played so often!


Loving Life in Second Grade said...

I'm not so good at White Elephant either. I've enjoyed hearing other's ideas though... where would you find some of those things? Good luck!


Miss VerSteeg said...

The 'best' white elephant gift I have received was a jar candle. The jar was decorated with paint and feathers. It was... beautiful???


Teresa said...

I have never been to a white elephant exchange. I have no idea what would make a good gift. I hope that you have fun!


Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

an autographed photo of myself :) "to my biggest fan"


Geri said...

We're doing a white elephant exchange this year and I have NO clue what to bring as I haven't done one before. So glad you asked this so I can get some ideas.
Gsmithteach @gmail.com

Anonymous said...

The best white elephant gift I ever received was from a coed party. We didn't separate men from women's..... I came home home with my very own can of....Rogaine!!!!

Merry Christmas!
Jamye Jaco

Unknown said...

I have never actually participated in white elephant exchange. My husband decided that I should try it this year so for Christmas this year with his family we are doing it..... Not sure how I feel about it yet!
Happy Holidays
Julia Young

Cherrie McCain said...

I remember going to my first white elephant exchange and seeing the look of disgust on someone's face as they opened a shoe box with 1 extremely used sneaker. Good luck.


Mrs. Davies said...

One year I received a really yummy smelling candle from Yankee Candle Company! :)


Ms. Wold said...

I haven't done one in awhile, but I love getting giftcards - specifically to Starbucks.


Ms. Wold said...

I haven't done one in awhile, but I love getting giftcards - specifically to Starbucks.


aud1inok said...

What about an excuse ball or a "no" button...

Looks like these could be fun.

Mrs. Schlickbernd said...

The craziest white elephant gift that I have ever seen is this creepy clown mobile thingy that hung from the ceiling. The gal who brought it said that someone gave it to her daughter as a baby gift, but it was too scary to hang in a baby's room!

Bren P. said...

I've only participated in one. There was a $5 limit. I walked out with a movie which was ok. The gift I took was one of those reindeer poop candy dispensers. It dispenses chocolate candies out of the butt. LOL! Someone wrapped a toilet paper but attached $5 bucks inside. The person who got it didn't like it but hey $5 plus toilet paper! Everyone needs TP. :)

Oh my gosh! Y'all have to watch The Office's Christmas party episode! HA-larious!! They do a white elephant gift exchange!

Here's a preview:
The Office S2 EP10 - "Christmas Party"

Bren P.
The Teacher Diaries

Carrie said...

Tacky Christmas movies.


Janae said...

I can't think of the best, but the worst was dead duck...it was quite traumatizing!


ang said...

I found an old beat up wooden Santa in my friends garage one day that her husband hated and was trying to throw away. I had her swipe it out of his box and I wrapped it up and gave it to him that Christmas. Needless to say, he was very surprised!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I think that it was a bottle of Olive Garden's Italian Dressing! Love Olive Garden!!!


Jack said...

Five years ago I got my favorite white elephant gift ever. The gift is a silly Santa hat. I wear it every year on the last day before Christmas break and the kids love it.

Thanks for sharing!

Mandy Howland said...

The best white elephant I got was a variety of packages of batteries. On the package it said:


I loved it!

Catherine said...

Is that like a Secret Santa exchange?

Sydney said...

We do the white elephant exchange every year at our family Christmas party. Every year it gets a little more creative and crazy. The "best" really the worst gift I've received was canned pigged feet (You can find them at the store). But my favorite is that we have white glass grapes that show up every year! They keep getting passed around. What a funny tradition!! Good luck with yours!!

Katje said...

At our annual staff Christmas party we used to give new teachers a large figurine to welcome them. It is not the prettiest or the cutest - it's actually quite ugly. But it is given in good humor and everyone has a laugh.

kb said...

I agree with you, white elephant exchanges are stressful. I can never think of anything. One year I received a snow globe with the picture of the principal on a dancing ballerina. Interesting? Good luck!


Unknown said...

I haven't had much fun with white elephant gift exchanges. Used to do them with a ladies' group @ church. unfortunately I always received a pitiful looking ornament that cost less than a dollar. The requirement was to spend at least $5.00 and no more than $7.00.
After 3 years of the same old thing, I stopped participating. Hope others have more luck.


kellydeannab said...

I have never participated in a white elephant exchange. Sounds like fun :)


luv to teach 2nd said...

I once received a tacky gold ornament and rewrapped it for my brother who is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. It was funny when he opened it and was trying to graciously thank me. I cracked up and he knew it was a joke. Now every year someone sneaks over to my moms, gets the ornament and one of us ends up on the receiving end. Very fun!

teachermom said...

The most popular white elephant gift I gave was a basket of poop, holiday poop that is. I found the idea here: http://christmas.organizedhome.com/crafts/poop-gifts and made snowman poop (mini marshmallows) to leprechaun poop (green gumdrops) each with its own poem and bag topper

dreamgirl said...

We always do a Yankee swap and the gifts are usually really nice! Last year the coveted item was a beautiful white platter and I LOST it on the last person!!! This year I bought a fun Christmas platter and now I won't have to steal it because I bought one for myself, too! :)

Kim said...

We also have a Christmas luncheon and White Elephant exchange. Such a great way to kick of the holidays! Last year I received the cutest pair of Campbell's Soup Mugs. I had so much fun I rounded up some goodies and did the White Elephant exchange with my students. They had as much fun as I did!


Christine said...

got a plain, gold ball ornament ...surprised to find $20 hidden inside!


Charlotte said...

I got a cure penguin ornament last year.


Courtney said...

Box of chocolates... Only to find no chocolate but dollar bills in each space! A total surprise for sure!


Mrs. Phillips said...

The best gift I've ever received was a gift card to TPT... courtesy of a fellow teacher!

Lindsey - lmburto@gmail.com

Amy B said...

a spaghetti noodle container :)
Amy Burton


Mrs. Brown said...

I really haven't had any positive experiences with a white elephant gift....I can't wait to read the replies you have gotten though!


Christina Marie said...

I got a gift card to the book store that was awesome!

Christina :)
Check out my blog!
Apples, Books, and Crayons

Marcy said...

I have never participated in a White Elephant Exchange. I would like to, though.

Anonymous said...

One of the craziest white elephant gifts at our schools luncheon was a five inch black high heel shoe with a note that said found inthe school parking lot after report card conferences. Go figure you never know what u will find. Looking forward to our next white elephant exchange in a few weeks:) Gail
KGWhitey@ aol.com

MereMere said...

No white elephant gifts I have gotten really stuck in my mind, so they must not have been too bad! However, I like hearing stories of gifts that keep popping up every year. meredith.mitchell@nhcs.net

Kandia Cross said...

The worst white elephant gift I remember was someone brought sheep poop from their farm in a recycled bottle for garden fertilizer. We weren't allowed to open the gifts until everyone had either selected a present or stolen one. Of course, everyone wanted the present because they thought it contained alcohol! kcross@509j.net

Melinda said...

An A&M Snuggie! melindacasas@gmail.com

Jordan said...

I got a shake weight.

Anonymous said...

White elephant ift- give goldfish from Walmart with some fish flakes

Cain and Todd Benson said...

A very beautiful set of stationary.

Betty said...

A fruitcake. :)


Susie Q said...

One year I received a huge pair of granny panties!


Unknown said...

The best one I ever got was a foam crown with tons of glitter-a joke to all others-to a teacher...it was a great for start student, birthday-whatever. I still use it. Good luck picking something to use for your white elephant!

Karyn said...

One year I won a pair of sparkly thong undies.

A is for Apple B is for Blog

maestra200 said...

I got a beautiful hand painted ornament that we put on our tree every year.

Patti B

Bex said...

I haven't really done many white elephants but one year I got something stinky, and I was sick, and then bummed out. My friend gave me one of the two things she got, a little decorative flower thingy. So sweet of her!

manakans said...

I've never heard of the "White Elephant Gift Exchange". I had too google it :) We call it a Yankee Swap. I too have a difficult time finding a gift. I always love getting nice smelling candles or a gift card.


Ms. Myers said...

A chia-pet!

Jay Pea said...

I got a rubber chicken!!! I LOVE it! I love white elephant.....esp the super funny ones!
Have a great time!

sidquince said...

Let's see.....The fabulous topiary tree made with a plunger....or the wooden toilet planter..... or bottle of Crown Royal that was actually tea.....or the principal was leaving and we threw her a "White Elephant" party...she open the gift with 2 figurines ...as she pullled out the woman, her head broke off in her hand....

sidquince@aol.com (Carrie)

Becky (Denton) Berry said...

One year my hubby received a package of Depends. It was awesome!

Krystal said...

Just this weekend at target I found a cookie cutter imprint of the "leg lamp" from the Christmas story movie! Cracked me up. I also gave the book "facebook for dummies" once. That was funny!

tsimon said...

The best (or funniest)white elephant gift I ever received was a basket of soaps I had given as a white elephant the year before! LOL

Denise said...

chia pet

Denise Richardson