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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 12

Tomorrow my family starts one of our favorite Christmas traditions... the 12 Days of Christmas to a neighbor.  My kids begin asking in the summer who we will deliver gifts to, ring the doorbell and 'run'.  With our new home and new  neighborhood we have many families to choose from.  We bought our gifts and got each gift ready so we can begin the fun tomorrow night after school.
  What traditions do you enjoy?  Be sure to leave your email!!


Mandy Howland said...

I love my family's tradition to get peppermint ice cream, bundle into as few cars as possible and drive around looking at Christmas lights. When we were young we fit in one car. Now...it takes three truck loads but it is such fun!


Suzy Q said...

I grew up in Iowa...no running door to door in three feet of snow! Like Mandy, we drive through the city's Festival of Lights. Totally corny, but the money goes to the symphony, so it is for a good cause.

Thanks for a fun 12 days...and I am so excited to use all the great things I won!

Rachel said...

My boys open at least one big present Christmas morning. We attend Mass, have brunch, and then open up the rest of the gifts. The rest of the day is spent enjoying our gifts and time with each other!


julie allen said...

Pancakes on Christmas Eve morning. Love it! It's actually my birthday celebration but I couldn't think of a better way each year than to be with my family getting ready for Christmas!! Julielynnallen@gmail.com

Wii Fit & A Bet said...

one present on Christmas eve :)

andesges AT yahoo DOT com

Cherrie McCain said...

Love to snuggle up on a cold night and watch Christmas movies by the simple glow of my Christmas tree.


aud1inok said...

We love bundling up in our pjs and driving around looking at the Christmas lights. The drive home always includes a stop at the donut store and hot chocolate.

zputty said...

One of my newer favorite traditions is going caroling with a group of women. We take a day off from work and carol all day in the local communities - mostly at elderly housing units. Really brings the season home!


Becky (Denton) Berry said...

My family loves going into Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square, the big candy windows at Macy's, and then riding the train to the Grand American hotel to do see their gingerbread and window displays. Every year they have a different activity the kids have to do to earn a treat at their yummy bakery. We have a blast every year! Christmas time is the best!

Becky (Denton) Berry said...

Forgot my email. Bexjex@yahoo.com

Ms. Wold said...

Watching Christmas movies! We always watch Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus on Christmas day.


Allison said...

My favorite tradition is going to an old movie theater in the city that plays a double feature of "It's A Wonderful Life" and "White Christmas". All the girls in our family wear Christmas headbands and sing along to the movie!


Geri said...

We have a new tradition this year with Christmas books. We wrapped 25 Christmas books and put them under the tree. Each day from Dec. 1 until Christmas, we open a new book and enjoy it as a family. Funniest part this year was when my daughter unwrapped The Gingerbread Man and yelled "this isn't a Christmas book". (I had to stretch it a bit to have enough books this year for our first year.)
gsmithteach @gmail.com

Anonymous said...

My family loves making gingerbread houses. I cant wait to make these with my sisters and daughters!

Janae said...

At the beginning of December, I wrap 24 Christmas books- always sticking a new one in the mix. Then every night we unwrap one book and read it by the tree before bed. We have other small traditions we do with that, but this by far has been my favorite!!

ang said...

Christmas Eve movie and lunch with the family!!!


Krystal said...

My favorite tradition is going to the nutcracker with my grandma and all my cousins on Christmas Eve. Then we have a big family party and Santa comes to pass out presents. Love it! (Just commenting, no need to win this time :) thanks!

Ms. Myers said...

My favorite Christmas traditions are decorating the Christmas tree with my children and eating fudge. Letting my kids open one present on Christmas Eve.

Mrs. Sutherland said...

Growing up we used to go out into the middle of the forrest and find our Christmas tree. Usually it was more of a Charlie Brown looking tree but it didn't seem to matter! Also cheese fondu on Christmas Eve!! It wouldn't be the same without it :)



kb said...

We love to drive around and look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and the go to Midnight Mass.


mmnielsen said...

We spend a day making our favorite cookies and then deliver them to our neighbors, friends and elderly people in our church. This is a tradition my family had growing up and it reminds me of them every year!!!


Roxane said...

My family tradition is having my father read the "Night Before Christmas" before we open our presents. When he became a snowbird, living in FL for six months, my husband bought a book that my dad recorded his voice into of the poem. So now I can still hear him recite the poem before opening our presents.

Loving Life in Second Grade said...

We love to take a thermos of hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights. There is something magical about it every time!

Bren P. said...

My mom and I make tamales. I hope one day when I have a daughter we can continue the tradition. :)

Bren P.
The Teacher Diaries

Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

We don't have kids, so we don't have a lot of traditions. My family reads the Christmas story every year before our Christmas dinner. We also get together at my grandmother's house on Christmas eve for a chili supper.

Love, love, love the holidays with family!


Liz Salcido said...

My family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and anyone who wants to join us) make about 400 tamales. We cook them Christmas Eve. Anyone who wants to, take some home. We make chicken, pork, green chilie and cheese, and sweet ones


Krissy said...

Since my family is relatively new (been married 3 years and we have an 18 month old) we are starting new "traditions" Since our daughter is the only grandchild, and niece in our family; we have begun a tradition of opening presents Christmas morning at my house. We serve everyone breakfast, and then watch the little one open her gifts. (Well, they watch me unwrap, LOL) I'm looking forward to watching her do that in the upcoming years!

Mrs. Phillips said...

My favorite tradition is watching White Christmas curled up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate !

Lindsey - lmburto@gmail.com

scrambledhenfruit said...

New jammies on Christmas Eve. My own kids are grown, but I still send them to my grandson. It makes for pretty Christmas morning pictures. :)

Mrs. Davies said...

We love to go to our area's "Christmas in the Park" which is a local light display and fireworks show. It starts our Christmas season every year!


Marcy said...

Every year, my sons and I make Santa ornaments out of their handprints. It is so neat to see their handprints grow over time.

Carrie said...

The kids get to open one present on Christmas Eve. I always get them new pj's, so the Christmas morning pictures look nice! :-)


Tania said...

Decorating the Christmas tree, going to see the Nutcracker and reading The Night Before Christmas.

Sarah said...

painted cut out cookies--do it at school with my second graders and at home with my girls.


Thanks for the great freebies this past 12 days.


Christina Marie said...

hanging out with my family watching movies!

Christina :)
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Katje said...

We eat spaghetti every Christmas Eve and then we go to church and then drive around to look at the Christmas lights. Once we get home we make hot chocolate and watch White Christmas. We have been doing this for years and our oldest daughter expects it when she comes home for Christmas!

Unknown said...

I love the tradition of getting the gift of brand new pajamas. So fun and you can remember all season how much fun you had opening the pajamas as a gift even when you KNEW it was pajamas.

carol said...

When my son was three I tried to explain that Christmas was Jesus' birthday....he wanted to know where the birthday cake was....we made one and every year since we have made birthday cake on Christmas Eve....this year is year 19!

Carol D.

Karyn said...

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to go looking at Christmas lights with my family. A few years ago we found three houses with lights that move with music, not far from our home! There's something magical about Christmas lights!

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Kandia Cross said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that today might be my day. My favorite tradition is putting up Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving. Then I wish like crazy for the first snowfall. kcross@509j.net