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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 11 - 12 Day of Christmas Giveaway

What is the most memorable student gift you received?
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Suzy Q said...

I once got a 12 pack of diet coke...at my old school I used to take one every day and put it in the fridge. Every day, someone would drink it. I would be complaining when lunch was over, so obviously this little boy heard me and took pity!

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Mailee said...

The most memorable gift was when my whole class threw me a surprise birthday party. The planned everything out. Brought delicious food and everything. Best day ever!


Rachel said...

My most memorable gift from a student was a bouquet of red roses made out of Hershey's kisses! It was too pretty to eat, but who can resist chocolate?


Stef (Miss Galvin Learns) said...

My most memorable gift so far was a practical one - a set of refillable whiteboard markers (complete with ink refills!). They're gorgeous pens to write with. It was just such a thoughtful 'teacher' gift!


zputty said...

One of my students bought me a new copy of Matilda and the newest version of Jim Trelease's Read Aloud book. She and her parents wrote a note about how the read-alouds I did were her favorite part of the day. (my Matilda was a little dog-eared and had been her favorite).


Mrs. Brown said...

My most memorable student gift was last year when oen of my sweeties bought me a Pandora bracelet and bead! Love it!


Cherie said...

Hmmm - Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea hand lotion.


Ali said...

It would have to be an apron with all my students pictures and quotes from them! It is so sweet!!


Krissy said...

Last year I received a beautiful wreath made entirely of crayons. One of my favorite gifts ever.


Unknown said...

Several years after I had a student in 5K, she and her parents brought me (and her other former teachers) an end of the year gift with pencils, pre-purchased copies, dry erase markers, and other school supplies to thank us for laying the foundation for her success in school.


Rene said...

I love the ornaments my kids give me. I still put them on my tree and remember each one of them.

Rene said...


Cherrie McCain said...

I love all the Peanuts gang-Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty. My students become more aware of this every year. A couple of years ago I had a student that kind of drove me up the wall. His home life was often in turmoil which left him unprepared for school on most days. At Christmas, he gave me a small stuffed Snoopy that was holding a Valentine heart and was dirty from age and personal use. It brought me to tears. He was so thoughtful and proud to give it to me and I have it placed among some of my favorite things in my classroom today. I'll always remember that day because it made me realize that although this little boy could cause some major trouble, he had a real heart for love and giving.

Deanna said...

My most memorable student gift was student made. It is a little rock glued onto a pink index card. It reminds me of a mountain. I still can't bear to part with it. Lol
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julie allen said...

We are the owl classroom and thanks to Pinterest my parents craft and come up with the cutest owl things! I can't choose just one gift. When kids give them with so much excitement and love...those are the best. Julielynnallen@gmail.com

kp said...

I got a bottle of elmer's glue one from a kindergartener once. He "knew i would love it and needed it because we used so much glue". It was 20 years ago. He was so excited and proud to give me that. I can still clearly picture the expression on his face. I love it. Kpotamis@gmail.com

Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

I actually haven't received very many gifts from students in my 6 years. A few ornaments. One decoration. A bag of M&Ms.


Unknown said...

I had a co-workers son in class and she asked him what he wanted to get me for my birthday. His reply " a stapler! I don't want any more pink staples in my papers."

My stapler had broken so I was borrowing one from the teacher next door and she color coded everthing and her stapler was full of pink staples and he was tired of it!


Krystal said...

The most memorable gift ever received from a student was actually a gift that my mentor teacher received when I was a brand new teacher. Now you have to realize, my sweet mentor was an older woman who was out much of the year with double knee replacement surgery... She was also a bit bigger... A student gave her a big gift bag and was so excited for her to open the present, because he picked it himself.... Inside the bag was a kit called "the art of belly dancing"... Complete with an instructional book, rhinestone body sparkles, and finger symbols. We laughed until we cried!!!

As for me -- I have received some ornaments from students and love putting them on my tree each year and thinking of the little sweeties they came from. But I'd have to say my own most memorable gift was a gift I received earlier this year after my grandfather passed away. My teacher-students from my night class bought me a willow tree "grandfather" figurine. I cry thinking about their kind thoughtfulness. Students at my mom's school saved his obituary and wrote a card saying they were sorry to hear of her father's passing, and they all pitched in their allowance money to buy her a gift card to sonic. It just shows how much kids really care!!


Mandy Howland said...

The most memorable student gift I have received has to be from my 8 years at a low socio-economic school. I never got fancy items or gift cards. But when those kids brought in a dirty, well loved stuffed animal or a tattered book I knew that gift came from a place of love. Those kids really wanted to get me a gift even if their parents didn't have the resources.


Ms. Wold said...

One year I had a family whose little one went to the same dance class as my friend's kiddo. They were apparently chatting one day during class and my friend told the family about our "TGIF teacher happy hours" at a local restaurant. The family then got me a $50 gift card to the restaurant with a note that said "enjoy happy hour on us, you deserve it".


Mrs. Sutherland said...

My most memorable gift was from my grade 5 class. I was getting married in the summer and they all pooled their money (and some parents money too i'm sure!) to get me a wedding gift. I was completely shocked and even more thrilled by the beautiful comments they left in the card :)



Allison said...

My most memorable gift was from a boy whose mom worked in a jewelry store - Claire's. At Christmas he brought me a whole shoebox full of Claire's jewelry and perfume. Stuff a 13 year old girl would love, but me, not so much.
Then at Valentine's Day that same year, he brought me ANOTHER bag full of jewelry. Super sweet, but I ended up selling most of it at my garage sale!


Anonymous said...

The most memorable gift a student has ever given me was from the sweetest, most needy child in our room. He had wrapped some hand lotion that was almost empty and the bottole had clearly seen its better days. He was so proud of that gift and of course I couldn't help but cry! I still cry to this day when I think of this student and that lovely gift every Christmas! (On a side note) That student is going to the community college here in town and he stops in to see much once a year. I ALWAYS tell him how proud I am of him and when he becomes the President of the United States, to remember his old 2nd grade teacher! (snif, snif)
Jamye Jaco

Mrs. Phillips said...

I don't have one that jumps out in my mind...BUT I have received lots of lovely homemade gifts over the years that I keep in a special box in my house!

Lindsey - lmburto@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Truely grateful that they just thought of me. Natalie nwelty@dsdmail.net

Katje said...

A few years ago one of my students made me the cutest pig ornament and I still put it on my tree! He's so small and pink and adorable!

Loving Life in Second Grade said...

I've received some wonderful ones, from handmade cards, new and used stuffed animals (but you know they were loved), to handknitted scarves (from the grandmother of the student). And one year a student gave me a basket filled with candy, trinkets, markers, school supplies, and a book with a handwritten note inside. Whatever the gift, I am always just glad they thought of me!

katieneu said...

diamond necklace!

Roxane said...

As a first year teacher I have not yet received any Christmas gifts. I have received cute little notes and pictures from my kids. They are so proud of them. I hang them by my desk.

mmnielsen said...

I've tried three times to tell my story...it is just not my day! Here's hoping for some luck!


Anonymous said...

I always like the personal notes you get.
Peggy Miller

Geri said...

When I was student teaching, I caught a cold not long before Christmas break. I apparently had to blow my nose a lot while working with one of my cute little groups of kindergarteners at the reading table. One of my little sweeties made me a homemade tissue box out of some Kleenex, a paper towel (lid) & rubber band, and a Dixie cup. She was so proud when she gave me her thoughtful gift. I kept it for 6 years (my husband made me throw it away when we moved). Gsmithteach @gmail.com

Sarah said...

I once got a lottery ticket and the mom said, I"m a nurse so I think differently so that is why our gift is different." ??


Lori R said...

I had a student give me an Elf on the Shelf. I was surprised that their parent would spend that much money and I was just getting ready to buy one for my class.

Charlotte said...

My first year, I got some Victoria Secret panties and perfume from a parent.


Sara at school said...

Lory - THANKS so much for all the wonderful seasonal freebies! My printer is smoking tonight.

My best Christmas present was the first year I taught 2nd grade. I got 4 Burmese students, one of which spoke NO English. I really didn't know what I was doing. But after he saw some other students give me a present, he gave me his broken candy cane. I'm sure that was precious to him, as his family probably didn't have a lot of money. I thought it was very sweet. Sara

kellydeannab said...

My best Christmas gift was a Thirty-one bag filled with school supplies. There were many boxes of tissues, pencils, and glue sticks. Just what a teacher needs :)


Megan said...

My most memorable gift was a travel sized bottle of shampoo I got one year. Too funny!


Christina Marie said...

A beaded bracelet with my name on it. Love it!

Christina :)
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Carol said...

The best gift I ever got was from a student who didn't have much money and the family always struggled. At Christmas I opened a shoe box to find a diamond ring. I didn't think it was real but told him I LOVED it and would always think of him when I wore it. After the holiday break I wore it to class. His mom happened to be there that day and she commented on how she used to have a similar ring but she couldn't find it. It turned out it was a beloved family treasure passed through the family. This boy was told that one day it would be his to give to someone very special in his life that would be important to him for a lifetime. Of course I had to give it back, but I remember the love that came with it!

carol D.

Marcy said...

One year, some parents from all three first grade classes got together and threw me a baby shower at school. It was so sweet and unexpected!

scrambledhenfruit said...

A bottle of vitamins. :)

aud1inok said...

I still have a book the kids made me listing reasons they loved me. I read it anytime I'm down.


Kristin said...

It's not a Christmas gift, but my students wrote a song for my son when he was born. It was the sweetest thing! I even have it on CD!!! :)


Mrs. Davies said...

The most memorable gift I've gotten was a beautiful tote bag from Land's End with my name embroidered on it. I still use it everyday!


MereMere said...

My most memorable gift was probably the year some parents got together a collection for all of the 5th grade teachers since we departmentalized. We were all surprised with a gift card to a local shopping center of a HUGE amount! meredith.mitchell@nhcs.net

Karyn said...

The most memorable gift I ever received from a student wasœ a flower pot that they had decorated. You can just imagine what it looked like decorated by a 6 year old but it was precious to me!

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Kideducator@comcast.net a

Karen said...

My most memorable gift happened about 17 years ago. One of my room parents took me out to dinner and to a Christmas play! She had one child and was very appreciative of me teaching and taking care of her son.


Kandia Cross said...

My most memorable student gift was a piece of bark from a pine tree in the shape of a heart. To this day, I don't know how the student found it or how long it took him, but I'll never forget the sweet note that was attached. I still have the heart shaped piece of bark in the top drawer of my desk. kcross@509j.net

Bren P. said...

During my last week of student teaching, the students put together a hand drawn memory book for me. They were in Kinder and as you can imagine, the drawing were precious!

Bren P.
The Teacher Diaries

katiemg said...

Books! I love to open up the cover and see the students name. It usually brings back some good memories.


sidquince said...

A handmade Christmas angel given to me by a student the first Christmas after my dad died. This student died of cancer while he was in college.



tsimon said...

My most memorable gift was flowers fronm the most adorable boy ever! It was just so sweet. The best thing ever though, was the look on his face. Priceless! Love gifts from students, especially portraits of myself. tsimon@dsdmail.net

Becky (Denton) Berry said...

I just went out on maternity leave last week and one of my students gave me a beautiful quilt that his mother made! I am still in shock about it. :)

Ms. Myers said...

The cutest little stuffed snowman that I decorate my classroom with every year.

Liz Salcido said...

My most memorable gift I have ever gotten were handwritten notes, especially the note from one of my students whose sister was fighting leukemia (she has been in remission for 4 years now0. ?This family was one my family had chosen to receive funds from a family charity. The family wrote the most beautifuls notes.
Liz Salcido

Janae said...

My most memorable gift was a book that one of my students signed the inside. Every year when I pull it out for Christmas, I remember that sweet child!