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Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY

Hello friends... we begin another week today...
What treat is kept in your top drawer to keep you going?
Right now... I must admit... I'm a MOUNDS lover.  The dark chocolate and coconut are a little bit of heaven for my afternoon break ;)
Share your favorite and don't forget your email.
We'll meet again at 10 PM!! Have a terrific day!


Cherie said...

Caffeine is always on top of my drawer to keep me going THROUGHOUT the day!


Cynthia said...

I try not to keep anything chocolate because I love it too much! So, instead, I love Pink Lemonade ZipFizz! I put this vitamin powder in my water bottle to add some good flavor and bubbles!


Mailee said...

I love myself some Snickers. Crunchy peanuts with a chocolaty taste. Thanks

Ms. Wold said...
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Ms. Wold said...

I have Cliff bars and packets of Starbucks refreshers drink mix, just the right amount of caffeine to help me through the afternoon.

I should mention that while I don't keep chocolate in my room, there is almost always some in the office AND I know where my teammate keeps her stash. :-)


Stef (Miss Galvin Learns) said...

I've learnt to not keep chocolate at school (it seems to magically disappear!), but I do keep a container of Starburst fruit lollies in my filing cabinet for the emergency sugar-hit!


Suzy Q said...

My kryptonite is Twix...so I try my hardest not to keep it in the top drawer. Because it is just too easy to get to...my stash is across the room!

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Rachel said...

Chocolate Covered Almonds! The hardest part is that you just can't eat one!


Unknown said...

Three musketeers (or any chocolate candy)... but in the winter months I love my stash of hot chocolate K-cups!


Teresa said...

I never buy chocolate for the classroom, because I would eat it continually! I do, however, have to have my daily dose of caffeine to make it through the day.


kellydeannab said...

To get me through the day, I MUST have caffeine! I also have a stash of Advil and Hershey Kisses for those really crazy days :) LOL


julie allen said...

Dark chocolate peppermint truffles from trader joes! Hmmm. Only one a day though! Julielynnallen@gmail.com

kp said...

Chocolate wouldn't make it through the day. So I leave lifesavers both mint and fruity for when I need a little something! Or for when my throat get scratchy from repeating the same thing over and over. Lol

Rene said...

Found white chocolate with peppermint pretzels at the store. Yummy! Renetowens@sbcglobal.net

Cherrie McCain said...

Gotta have chocolate available all the time. I don't care what form it comes in - I just have to have it! If I can get a chocolate and mint mixture in a candy of some kind, I am blissfully happy for the rest of the day.

Unknown said...

my top drawer treat of choice is starbust (most of the year) and hershey's kisses during the holidays. There are so many wonderful varities like candy cane and mint.


Tania said...

I think coffee does it! Snickers would be my second choice.
My Second Sense

Wii Fit & A Bet said...

anything chocolate and peanut butter

andesges AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

tea, I have warm tea before lunch and iced tea at lunch

manakans said...

I have a bar of milk chocolate, almond, and sea salt... it's delicious!


zputty said...

York Peppermint Patties get me through the afternoon!



ang said...

I really love the dark chocolate pomegranates that you get at Sam's Club or Costco!


Mandy Howland said...

For me I am all about the salty.... I have pretzels and mini bags of microwave popcorn!


Mrs. Schlickbernd said...

I need a Diet Coke in the middle of day to keep me going! In fact, one of my kiddos got me a 12 pack for a Christmas gift! LOVED it!



Jamye J said...

Sun- Drop!!!!! That is what gets me going every morning! (Even though it takes lots of my weight watchers points.. Ugggh)! Has everyone heard of Sun-Drop? It is full of caffeine! And so tasty!

Jamye J said...

I forgot to put my email! jacoj@k12tn.net

Sara {Miss V's Busy Bees} said...

Top drawer is Reese's Pieces. YUM!

Miss V's Busy Bees

aud1inok said...

York peppermint patties, just a bit of chocolate and the minty zip to keep me going.

Krystal said...

Peanut m&ms and caramel twin bars!

Krystal said...

Love auto correct. Twix not twin! Lol!! Missplott@gmail.com

Geri said...

Cherry Coke right now. But I also love Baby Ruths!

Mrs. Sutherland said...

Mine is mints! I know nothing exciting but I just love them!



Mrs. Phillips said...

My treat of choice is anything dark chocolate !
Lindsey - lmburto@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Anything with Chocolate is wonderful! Dr. Pepper too!
Thanks Natalie.

mmnielsen said...

I was thinking I was good about not having candy in my desk, but I do have candy for my kids (rewards not bribes!) until 2 teachers came into my class today looking for chocolate. Apparently, I am the chocolate teacher and am known to always have a stash in my cabinets. Mind you, these were two teachers who are not regular visitors to my classroom, so word has spread! So if you need some chocolate, come see me!


Krissy said...

M&M's are my weakness! I can't even keep them in my room! Usually I'll find a stash in another teacher's room though. :)

Tara said...

Dr. Peppter and Chocolate Licorice!


Tara said...

Haha! I mean Dr. Pepper. Good grief, can you tell its 3:30?

Mrs. Brown said...

Yummy, I love the white chocolate covered Reese cups....they are fabulous!


Bren P. said...

Anything chocolate. Mini KitKats, Twixs, or Baby Ruths. Gum also does the trick. :)

Bren P.
The Teacher Diaries

Dale said...

Ohhh!! So many choices! I feel like we go through "candy" phases, and right now I love the cherry Kisses... they remind me of sneaking in my Grandpa's basement and sneaking his Cherry Cordials!!! One or two gets me through the day, right during recess time!!! Thank heavens for a bit of chocolate! It sure makes me a nice teacher!


Roxane said...

I have chocolate for the kids and I try to stay away from it. So I have bottled water to sip on.
Happy December 10th.
Roxane Fox

Ali said...

I always have Reese PB Cups and lots of other goodies too! Like Jingles cookies, goldfish crackers, candy canes, air heads, smarties, tootsie rolls, andes candies....the list goes on and on lol


Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

Well, I gave up my teacher's desk this year {and am still looking to figure out how to survive without it}. If I had a top drawer, it'd be stashed full with peanut M&Ms. Yum!


Katje said...

Twix and Dove dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate!

Karyn said...

I always keep Trader Joe's Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Almonds in my desk for an afternoon pick me up! Soooo good!

A is for Apple B is for Blog

Loving Life in Second Grade said...

My favorite is peanut M&Ms! Love them!

Allison said...

This month I'm loving the Reese's Peanut Butter Trees!


Mikaela said...

Anything chocolate works for me! Typically I have Hershey's kisses or plain mini chocolate bars.

Lori R said...

I have small bags of almonds and I always keep Diet Coke nearby.

Megan said...

York peppermint patties are my secret!


Jordan said...

I try and keep all candy away, but I can not pass up a diet soda!!!


Liz Salcido said...

Diet Dr. Pepper Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Actually, any chocolate. My second graders don't really like chocolate so it works well for me. LOL!

katiemg said...

Hershey kisses because you can pop one in your mouth before the kids seeing you eating it. I always have a Coke in the afternoon... my weakness!


Marcy said...

I love dark chocolate covered raisins and Mounds!

Christina Marie said...

Plain old Reese's PB Cups! Gotta love chocolate and peanut butter!

Christina :)
Check out my blog!
Apples, Books, and Crayons

Miss VerSteeg said...

Rolos!!! :)


Donna said...

Gotta have my Dove dark chocolates!! Didn't I read somewhere that they're healthy for you? : ) Thanks for the great freebies!

Andrea said...

I always have reeses peanut butter cups in my top drawer. They are for emergencies only!


Mrs. Davies said...

I have to have a Pepsi Next to get me through the afternoon! :)


Becky (Denton) Berry said...

I have a stash of Symphony bars hidden around my classroom AND home. Chocolate is the BEST!

Ms. Myers said...

In my top drawer you will find a Reese's peanut butter cup. Yummy! Angie

Anonymous said...

My favorite desk drawer snack laffy taffy a fun treat to pick me up.Take a moment to smile and enjoy my day with the kids. Also, the best gift our staff has received from our favorite maintenance man a candy machine in the teachers lounge that dispenses m& m's for all to share. It is never empty:). Gail

Unknown said...

I like popcorn for a quick after school snack/boost. Those 100 calories packages are so perfect!

Kandia Cross said...

Right now it seems that my go-to candy is Sour Patch Kids. And when things get really bad, I head to my principal's office where I can always find chocolate. kcross@509j.net

megan said...

trident gum so I don't eat everything in sight!