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Friday, October 19, 2012

1 Word Family a Week

I was asked by a fellow blogger and teacher how I organize, display and use my word family units... so ... in a nut shell... I keep it very simple!!
My storage is a 3" purple binder with sheet protectors inside.
Each word family file is stored in 1 sheet protector:
yep... that is 8 activity pages in 1 protector...
1- word cards,
2- word search,
3- sentences,
4- partner spinner,
5- boxes in a family,
6- cut & spell,
7- quiz,
8- book list
I took pictures of last week's word family unit as we completed them. My small easel houses the word cards and literature that we read each day.
Following the story (books with -up chunk in them) and reading through the word cards... we 1 complete activity sheet page a day. 
On Friday, we take a quick quiz that I dictate to the kiddos.
As we continue to build stamina and tasks in our Daily 5... we do these activities as a whole group. Creating sentences together... choosing words to color in, use them in a sentences, using spinners and competing teacher vs. students or students vs. students, etc. I'm looking forward to using them in Word Work now that the kids are very familiar with them.  I hope this helps to answer questions and offer ideas.  I love to keep things simple for me and fun for my students.

I have the files listed as single files or sets depending on your needs.
I also have a couple of units for free to try them out with your class.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I've purchased the word activities.. do you have a list of the recommended books you use with each family??