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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Math Stations

It is always so exciting to see the routine and classroom procedures begin to fall into place.  My stress level continues to decrease as the amount of times I repeat myself and answer the same question again and again and again decrease.  I've actually begun saying, "Oh, I'm sorry you didn't hear... ask a friend that listened."  My little 2nd graders are growing up and becoming more independent.
They are LOVING Math Stations and are now even realizing that we won't be doing them until AFTER afternoon recess... so there is no use asking Mrs. Evans if we can do math stations 'next'... all day long ;)
I'm anxiously awaiting  October 1st. 
 I love Halloween... the decorations... the stories... the art... the bite size candy bars ;)

 2nd Grade SEPTEMBER Math Stations
1st Grade SEPTEMBER Math Stations


The Daily Alphabet said...

I know what you mean about routines and procedures!

The Daily Alphabet

Unknown said...

Hi Lory...I love your blog and everything you do. I really wanted to start math stations this year but am completely overwhelmed with the new Primary Math Program they brought in this year and the new Pearson Reading Street series they brought in last year...and I started Daily 5 this year. I have been teaching second grade for 18 years...but I am still having trouble fitting it all in. How in the world do you teach all of these routines to do stations and everything else and then still teach the lessons for the day. I am so stumped with trying to teach lessons that I HAVE to teach and then fit in teaching the routines for all of the other things I want to add in. Thanks for the inspiration