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Friday, September 7, 2012

No David!!!!

Can I just say hallahulah!!! The first week is under our belt.
I arrived home each day exhausted!!!  I considered adding naptime to our jam packed schedule :)  My kiddos are adorable... it is just a combination of big class (27), brand new second graders and 90 degrees.   My husband reminded me that the beginning of the year always wears me out... he informed me that in a couple of weeks ... our routine would be in place and things would be great ;)  I didn't kow he listened to me so well ;)

We broke up our fall assessements, pretests etc. with a few fun activities.
The kiddos LOVED The Little Old Lady Swallowed Some Books.
They had a chance to review their RETELLING strategy with their paper sack lady for homework one night.  During Daily 5 ... they wanted to re-read the story for the RETELLING strategy.

Another fun activity was inspired by Angie Neal's adorable David craftivity.
We reviewed appropriate behavior... above the line, below the line and bottom line... while reading, giggling and enjoying the David books.  We all had a ball creating our precocious little man.

This weekend I plan to complete Daily Review Grade 1 Term 2... thanks for your patience.
Also, Grade 1 Math Stations for OCTOBER are just about ready for posting... I just need a couple more computer hours each night.

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The Hands-On Teacher said...

LOVE your "No David" bulletin!! They are adorable!

The Hands-On Teacher in First!