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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Columbus Day Update

Last year I created a fun Columbus Day unit filled with poetry activities, student booklet,
art activities, writing opportunities and many activity pages.  I received great reviews and sales... today when I received notice that this darling Columbus clip art was available I had to update the old file ;)  So, those of you that purchased this file last year... check the update version (it has the old file, new colored file and new blackline file).

September Math Stations

It is always so exciting to see the routine and classroom procedures begin to fall into place.  My stress level continues to decrease as the amount of times I repeat myself and answer the same question again and again and again decrease.  I've actually begun saying, "Oh, I'm sorry you didn't hear... ask a friend that listened."  My little 2nd graders are growing up and becoming more independent.
They are LOVING Math Stations and are now even realizing that we won't be doing them until AFTER afternoon recess... so there is no use asking Mrs. Evans if we can do math stations 'next'... all day long ;)
I'm anxiously awaiting  October 1st. 
 I love Halloween... the decorations... the stories... the art... the bite size candy bars ;)

 2nd Grade SEPTEMBER Math Stations
1st Grade SEPTEMBER Math Stations

Friday, September 21, 2012

Skittle Math & Mike and Ike Math

Today the kids and I had a fun math review with Skittles...  
you would have thought I gave them each a million bucks ;)

They loved the Skittle Riddle book, too!!
It was a fun day!

Next up is Mike and Ike Math

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fire Safety and Columbus Day Fun

It always amazes me how quickly time starts passing once school begins.  My September calendar is covered in activities, appointments, to-do reminders and meetings.
I actually flipped the page to October to jot down a couple things that are right around the corner!!
Besides the OBVIOUS Halloween (yeah!!! I love it!)
I cover Fire Safety and

I love to include literature with my lessons... I wondered if my blog friends might have any new picture books for the 2 topics... if you do, please share!!!

I created this little freebie for even and odd if you are covering this in math!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun Book for Daily 5 & BUMP freebie

This week we are discuss GOOD FIT books.
This is a darling book that I had not read before.
It is PERFECT for this Daily 5 concept!!

We are working on skip counting by 5s to 100 right now.  Some of my chicklins are struggling a bit... so I created a little game board for some extra practice... if your students might benefit from Apple BUMP you are welcome to it... just 2 dice, game board and chips!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

No David!!!!

Can I just say hallahulah!!! The first week is under our belt.
I arrived home each day exhausted!!!  I considered adding naptime to our jam packed schedule :)  My kiddos are adorable... it is just a combination of big class (27), brand new second graders and 90 degrees.   My husband reminded me that the beginning of the year always wears me out... he informed me that in a couple of weeks ... our routine would be in place and things would be great ;)  I didn't kow he listened to me so well ;)

We broke up our fall assessements, pretests etc. with a few fun activities.
The kiddos LOVED The Little Old Lady Swallowed Some Books.
They had a chance to review their RETELLING strategy with their paper sack lady for homework one night.  During Daily 5 ... they wanted to re-read the story for the RETELLING strategy.

Another fun activity was inspired by Angie Neal's adorable David craftivity.
We reviewed appropriate behavior... above the line, below the line and bottom line... while reading, giggling and enjoying the David books.  We all had a ball creating our precocious little man.

This weekend I plan to complete Daily Review Grade 1 Term 2... thanks for your patience.
Also, Grade 1 Math Stations for OCTOBER are just about ready for posting... I just need a couple more computer hours each night.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New School Year Tour

A new school year begins...
 I must say... as soon as the stores start selling school supplies my heart skips a beat.   The excitement, the new-ness, the starting over is so great.
I tend to purchase too many boxes of markers, colored pencils and crayons (for myself ;)   I love checking off the items for my own kiddo's classes and purchasing their supplies...   it just makes me happy!!

This year we are beginning a few new changes at school.
We're focusing on the Common Core and beginning the Daily 5.
Although my team has been teaching together for 15 years... we have all felt a bit 'green' with our new curriculum and opportunities. Lucky for me green is my favorite color :)
We've been stressed, but we are all so excited!!

My classroom was finally put together.  After putting together a new house, I was a bit slow in the classroom... I told Mr. E that I was getting old ;)
It's amazing how things work out... the kids arrived this morning, happy, fresh and excited.  Here are a few pics of what they arrived to...

Our faculty reading for the year... I'm way excited!!
My new Daily 5 book boxes from Target

Our new easel for the Daily 5 from Ikea... there is a hidden roll of paper to create our charts attached to the easel itself!!
my 2 desks...

student desks
My math manips for the kids to take home to use while completing homework.  I started with shoebox size boxes and have worked my way down to a simple ziploc bag with 3 dice, 30 transparent chips and a transparent spinner. They check them out at Back to School and return to me the final week of school!
Math tools and games
Math station rotation chart and boxes.  I plan to take their pictures this first week and place them on their card for the math station rotation chart... they're a bit naked right now.
I have recently become nausiated by the feel of popsicle sticks.  I can't touch them... so I had to come up with another way to randomly call on my students.  Each child has a 'special number' 1-28... abc order...
I created these little pebbles with the numbers and modge podged the back with cute paper... similiar to many magnets we've all made... just without the magnets.  Much better to my fingers ;)
We are so fortunate to not have to write detailed lesson plans for our principal.  We all have created a system that works for our teaching styles... thus creating personal plan books... this year however... with the new CC and Daily 5 I chose to have my plan book be rather 'vanilla' and fill in the details as I plan for the upcoming week.  Hopefully next year, my plan book with start out much more detailed.
Science materials

Word family board... we began the year with our 'at' family...
love Splat the Cat books ;)
Skittle Math... a fun, tasty math activity for the first week.
It has been so much fun blog hopping and 'visiting' classrooms all over the country.
I have learned so much from so many of you... thank you!!!
I wish you all a fabulous new school year with your kiddos!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of School Fun

While attending one of my back to school meetings... I thumbed through a couple book orders from Scholastic ... I was so excited to find a couple fabulous books at fabulous prices.  This The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School is DARLING!!!  I purchased it last year from Barnes and Noble and created the activities for the first few days below.  The kids LOVED it.  As we were reminiscing about the school year... at the end of the year... many brought up the gingerbread man hunt.
I was also excited about the Old Women Who Swallowed Some Books.  I was thinking this was a newer book (I only ran across it a couple of weeks ago and plan to use it the first week of school this year.)  It is only $1... I love a deal.
I'm putting these 2 units on sale this week for anyone looking for some quick activities with darling literature!!
My classroom is just about ready to go... I'll share pictures ASAP.
Happy, sunny LABOR DAY!!