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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 7 freebies

What a fabulous book... what a fabulous idea... what a fabulous time!!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, ideas and opinions on the Daily 5.
I met today with my darling co-workers to discuss the who, why, where and hows to begin this new program in a few weeks.  We are so excited!!!
I think we will be able to find great success.  We plan to follow the guidelines from the fabulous SISTERS and hope to create many independent, successful 2nd grade readers this year at Creekside!! I am so grateful to new friends in blogville that offer their advise and expertise... I wish you all the best of luck with the Daily 5!!!


Kammy Hanson said...

Hi Lory! I teach in your district and I just love your ideas! Thank you for sharing.

I just nominated for the Versatile Blogger award on my blog. Here are the requirements if you wish to spread the cheer:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Include a link to their site
3. Include the award image in your post
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5. Nominate 5-10 other bloggers and let them know

Thanks for your great blog,

Kammy Hanson @ swimminginsecond.blogspot.com

make.share.give said...

Thank you for these freebies! Love the colors. Happy news- I recruited yet another first-grade friend to try Daily 5 yesterday!

Kristin said...

Hey Lory!! I love your Daily 5 posters! My room is jungle/safari themed and these fit perfectly with everything in it!!!!! I have a question about cards for a pocket chart. Since I teach 1st grade, we don't allow our students to pick their own stations until after Christmas Break. Until then, we just use the kids' reading groups and move the cards daily so they know what their options are that day! I was wondering if you had something like that or would be able to create something like that?? I love the bookmarks and was thinking about cutting them up and using them, but I thought I would ask first! Thanks so much!!

Lory said...

Hi kristin id be happy to make you cards. I'm out of town right now but will get on it when I get back
Send me your a email to evsnsfamily_248@msn.com

A Teacher Without a Class said...

I love the check in!

jezzie said...

Hi Lory,

I'm a faithful follower and purchaser of your common core math units. I just found your Daily 5 themed posters and absolutely love them! Have you considered (or could you) adding Computer work to your posters. I use daily 5+1 (computers) in my classroom as part of a district initiative to try to get to one to one computing in the classroom. Would love if you could come up with a poster and anchor chart like you have for the daily 5. Let me know what you think! :)