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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 6

and the fun continues...
chapter 5 & 6 were 2 BIG chapters to combine ;)

"In helping students tunes their ears and mouths and eyes, even their fingertips, their nerve endings, to the glorious range of ways they can string words together, we need to encourage them to fool around, to experiment, to break rules even before they know all the rules. Who ever knows all the rules, anyway?"  Judith Rowe Michaels

So cute... so true!

I loved the sister's comment... "We have seen a direct correlation between student motivation, ability, and productivity and this increase in writing practice. It goes back to PURPOSE. Kids who have a purpose care about their writing                                                     and the people who will read it!!"

I attended a workshop a year or so ago and was given the idea of the ABC writer's box (not block ;)  As a class and whenever the students think of a fun topic to write about they write it in the box on this sheet (s- soccer... b- babysitting)  This page is kept in the front of their writing folder for easy assess.  I haven't decided what type of writing folder to use... a pocket folder, a spiral bound notebook... I want the kids to stay organized with a TON of stuff in their book boxes... however, I want them to experience a variety of options... I'd love to hear your suggestions experts ;)
Recently, I have taught many students that entered 2nd grade reading below grade level.  After pushing and pulling and tiring myself and the kiddos out... I realized that I needed to step back and evaluate my classroom and teaching ideas.  Due to busy family lives, lack of independence/responsibility... our school dynamics were changing (obviously not EVERYONE, but quite a few) and it was necessary to change our teaching styles and plans to accommodate our students.  Word families were supposed to be taught in 1st grade (so I thought for years)  Last year I introduced a word family each week and it was very successful.  Each day we read a picture book from the word family and then completed a unique activity using the same word family.  By Friday, we quizzed the words and after weeks... I noticed the kids chunking their words and gaining confidence in their expanding vocabulary and confidence.   I plan to continue using these units again this year and hope to add them to Word Work once the children are familiar with them.

I have purchased letter stamps and stamp pads from Target's Dollar Spot
along with dry erase boards and markers to add to the variety.
Looking in blogville... I've noticed many other activities that would work also...
I want to maintain a quiet, happy, productive atmosphere without TOO much fluff and activity to distract from the reading.
Once again... D5 experts... please share your ideas and do's and don'ts.
Be sure to link up your Daily 5 chapter 5 and 6 posts below to share your thoughts!!
Enjoy the sunshine and relaxation!!


School Sparks Renee said...

Love that "What Can i Write About" sheet! Renee

School Sparks Renee said...

Love that "What Can i Write About" sheet! Renee

Lesa Moore said...

I love your Daily 5 posters....Hi! I am a new follower through the hop and I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award! Come to my blog and check it out!

Juli Dennis said...

Absolutely LOVE your daily 5 posters, charts, bookmarks,...everything! Thank you so much!

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