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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 5

Where is our summer going??
Thanks for enjoying a bit of down time with us and allowing our hosts to return from vacations last week.
To make up for things we will discuss Chapter 5 and 6 this week. WOW!                                              That is a lot of Daily 5 material... isn't it exciting!!

I was excited to receive a package upon my return from Bear Lake...
I ordered Music Chimes for my 2nd grade team... we are all jumping into this 
Daily 5 together.
My daughter and I have also been stalking the Centerville Target for file boxes.
We actually got into a routine of me dropping her off at the front door... she runs in and checks the Dollar Spot... she runs out with thumbs up if there are some or thumbs down if nothing.  It only took a few trips to accumulate 30 colorful, plastic, sturdy boxes.
(I was asked how much... each box was $2.50)

Okay... on with Chapter 5
I can see how Read to Someone might become a favorite of the literacy block. Students love to be able to choose a friend to read with. My students are used to sitting EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) style as they read together. And now they will have three different choices on how they want to read:
 I am excited to see my kiddos hearing and checking for understanding with each other.  I love to listen to them share their ideas and opinions with each other.

I don't have pillows and couches in my room... for a couple of reasons... a small room and fear of sharing/storing head bugs :).... I'd love to hear your reasons and ways of including these in your classrooms safely.  I'm sure they add to the excitement and comfort of reading... it's just a personal worry of mine... maybe you can cure me ;)

I can see how Listen to Reading might become another favorite for the children.  I've always been a sucker for Scholastic's books on tape/CD.  I have collected quite a few.  In fact, a few years ago I wrote a grant to purchase walkman style (I just dated myself) headsets for each student.  They were from Walmart ($5) and I purchased rechargeable batteries also.  I put the cassette players in small plastic boxes to protect the devices and head phones and they've lasted nicely.  Now that many of the stories are on CDs now... I will have to rethink their set up... Maybe I'll have to have a couple places for Listen to Reading... some (3 or 4 kids)  can listen to the CDs around my big stereo using a headphone splitter... while individuals can use the walkmans anywhere in the room.  I'd love to hear your findings for Listen to Reading with the computers.  I have a small lab (4 student computers) that might be a great option also... I haven't investigated sites good for 2nd graders yet... I'd love your ideas.

I think I might have each student keep a set of headphones in their book boxes to avoid head bugs and tangling cords... you know what is funny I don't think I've had a case of lice in my room... oh we've had them in the school... the good news is, my dear friend, next door is a PRO at searching for the little suckers... give her 2 sharpened pencils and a piece of scotch tape and she'll give you the proof in seconds... I love that girl ;)


Wii Fit & A Bet said...

Wait until mid September when all the "back to college" stuff goes on sale and the husbands (this is the actual term for them but I can't remeber what Target calls them, they are the pillows with arm rests that you can lean against...looked it up they call them bedrest loungers) I have a couple of them and when they get to icky I throw them in the laundromat dryers with drier sheets and it kills all of the icky-ness. You have to watch those driers as they are not nick named scortch-o-matics for nothing. But they do the trick. Kiddos love them!

Wii Fit & A Bet said...

I found that (and I am a control freak)with word work if I made sure to teach exactly how to use each word work activity (every day I taught one station rotating kids through, it took about a week to teach them all of the activities) then I would give the kids an option of two activities. When I taught first grade I used a lot of things from kellyskindergarten.com and modified them. I am teaching 2nd grade this year and I am thinking after reading your post about needing to teach word families that I may just end up making some games for my 2nd graders. I will have to wait and see where they are.

Suzy Q said...

I hear you about the fear of little critters. Once a third of my class had them...we spent more time in the nurse's office than on anything else!