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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily Math using 2nd Grade Common Core

Thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm for Daily Math.  I have used this assignment in my classroom for the past few years and truly believe in the concept of a daily  spiral review.  I look forward to using the newer common core version.  I'm excited to announce that Term 2 is in editing... Term 3 is 75% complete and Term 4 is 90% complete... 


Karyn said...

Wow! This looks awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product! :-)


YearntoLearn said...

This is a wonderful resource.
Do you plan to do other grade levels?
If so I'd love to see it for 3rd grade.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Deb said...

Amazing! If I taught 2nd, I'd totally be buying these! They look AWESOME!!!

Oh My Little Classity Class

Lisa R. said...

These look awesome! I haven't had a chance to look in your store...do you have any for other grade levels?
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Unknown said...

I am eagerly awaiting these!

Do you know how much you will sell them for? I am looking to find a set I like cheaper than purchasing a DOM hard copy book.

Diana said...

can't wait until it is done! I love your products! Just used the top 10 reasons for mothers day and fathers day.
I tried the daily 5 for the first time this year. I haven't added all the 'layers' yet but my principal is really impressed! Looking forward to learning more with your book study!