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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daily 5 - Chapter 1

Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your Daily 5 ideas and experiences!

I am so excited to implement the Daily 5 into my classroom this upcoming school year. 
I have taught second grade for the past 18 years and I have felt that my students became better readers throughout the year... however...I've wondered... "Did they love our literature block... did they feel like writers?... as for me as the teacher... it seems to take more patience, more 'creative' activities to engage them and more energy from me... and I'm getting OLD!!  Each year, my students seem to have more on their personal plates from the home... more concerns...and less academic support and expectations. My sweet co-workers of 15 years (they are more like my sisters) and I decided we need to head BACK TO THE BASICS!! This is where my enthusiasm for the Daily 5 comes in.  I think the philosophy behind the program is terrific.... Kids reading during reading time, writing during writing time and feeling they are the ones CHOOSING to become a better student. Many of my students are  not getting the reading practice at home... with parental support and academic help and TIME. That is a basic skill students MUST have to become successful, confident, positive readers, right?  Well they are going to get the practice time, at the right level in a positive, successful atmosphere... our CLASSROOM! (when I've mastered this awesome Daily 5 resource)

Of course each classroom always has the dream student that comes from the dream family with dream parents ...  the Daily 5 will be a dream for that student also. They will continue to develop independent literacy habits and a love of learning and literature.

I love figure 1-1... Management: How We Have Evolved
I found myself giggling as I read each situation ... I could relate... I experienced many myself ( I still believe that MY tools on MY desk are for ME...  
 I provide many for kid hands around the room j/k ;) 
Are you ready to change the atomosphere and roles of your classroom...from trying to "manage" students, rushing around the room putting out fires, to creating routines and procedures that fostered independent literacy behaviors that were ingrained to the point of being habits?

The Daily 5 is a student driven management structure designed to fully engage students in reading and writing.  I want to start day one... while setting the daily structure and building community within our classroom.
My hope is to help my students develop independent literacy habits!!

This little Monkey is my mascot for my classroom ( my hair is very similar to his ;)
I created these little posters to match the rest of my classroom decor.
I used the valuable information on page 11 (figure 1-2).
Read to Yourself
Read to Someone
Work on Writing
Listen to Reading
Spelling/Word Work
I'm sure there are many posters out in blogville, however, if you find this monkey as adorable as I do... you are welcome to print yourself a copy for your first school day!!

Daily 5 posters

Just a bit to think about... after you fill up your glass with an ice cold Diet Coke...

What routines do you have in your current classroom...
What routines do you WANT to have in your upcoming classroom...
What do you have to implement/change to get there?

I believe this book will help us all become stronger, positive, productive teachers!
Thank you Gail Boushey and Joan Moser for sharing your talents with us!!

I look forward to reading my sweet blogfriend's ideas and goals in the next few chapters... so I can really understand and create a better system to offer my kiddos.
Be sure to hop on over to
Cheryl, (she is up next week with ideas on Chapter 2)
 and Lindsey's blog
 to get their perspective also.

Please link up with us and share your Daily 5 experiences, thoughts, concerns and goals.


Rachel said...

Thank you for the posters. I have read the book and am excited to implement it this school year. Will be following your blog and the others to gain more info and insight and ideas! Thank you!

meadowt said...

I love the posters, thanks so much. I have read the book once and I look forward to revisiting the book and learning more ideas from other teachers.

Katie King said...

You are so right! The little control freak in me is fighting the switch to Daily 5 :) But I can't wait to read more! Thanks so much for walking us through this!


Lori Kline said...

Iteach 1st grade and have been trying to use Daily 5 with moderate success. I think part of the problem is that I still want to be in conrol. I am looking forward to making it more successfull this year and more student centered. I hope to gain great ideas and inspiraton from your blog and others comments. Thanks for doing this!

Mrs. Saoud said...

So folks... What kind of self monitoring would you do with Kindergarteners?

Primary Graffiti

Wii Fit & A Bet said...

I very much like the icons for your daily 5, but I think the sisters would point out you need to anchor the kids thoughts to the poster so having it pre-made won't do that. They had had offers from companies to make them up posters and they refuse because it is extremely important to make them up with the kids. I also found that when I needed to re-anchor their little minds on the importance of daily I would remake the poster. I think I usually make up the posters at least 3 times a year. At the beginning, after Xmas break when they have to relearn (although at a faster pace than at the beginning of the year) how to daily 5 and also at the end of April or May when we start to slip into old habits and spring fever. I am really really not trying to rain on anyone's parade and I hope my comment is not taken too harshly. I absolutely love daily 5.

Lory said...

Thank you for your comments. I am excited to share this journey with fabulous teachers!!!
Thank you for the remark regarding the posters. I read how important it is to make the anchor charts with the kiddos. I plan to do this and feel the ownership for myself. These little posters are just the headers of my Daily 5 board. I plan to take the baby steps "the sisters" recommend as I build stamina and make an anchor chart for each of the 5 areas of Daily 5.
Not too harsh for me...I didn't feel any rain... just a reminder to build our anchor charts with the kid... I appreciate it!
Thanks again

Mrs. Saoud said...

With Kinders, I will create the anchor charts in advance but will ask questions that guide students to the charted response. I'm not expecting they can read on the first day and through my anchor lessons I plan to point out that reading is both creating stories using pictures and reading the text. Once I hear the language for our anchor chart, I will draw a picture to help give the kids a clue to the written words so the kids can 'read' the Anchor Chart in the next session. My posters are for rotational uses and bulletin boards too.


Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

Thanks for hosting, Lory! Your posters are darling!!

Tania said...

Mrs. Saoud,
The county I work for advice kindergarten teachers to start D5 after the first nine weeks. This way they will have their other procedures and routines in place. I have seen charts with tons of pictures...very few words. I am assuming this can be changed later on. Do you have a teacher assistant? Parent Volunteers?
My Second Sense

Tania said...

Can I link up with the responses I added to the other book study going on?
My Second Sense

Lory said...

Tania... we'd love for you to link up with us!!!

Carly said...

I also am planning to implement the Daily 5 this school year. I read the book a few months ago and found it enlightening. I am rereading it and following along with this book study. I am very excited to implement the Daily 5 in my classroom. I have been a teacher for 8 years and could relate to Figure 1-1. I hope Daily 5 works like the book says it does because I am also tired of putting out fires, wondering if my kiddos were actually getting anything out of their centers, creating new centers, looking for missing center pieces, etc (list goes on and on).

I am also transferring to another school and going from 2nd to 1st. I am hoping that the Daily 5 will help me keep my sanity with all of the changes. :)

Lory, I love your monkey posters. Too adorable.

Lory said...

Carly... glad your linked up... I've really enjoyed the book also. I really want the Daily 5 to work... for me and my kiddos ;) Can't wait to learn more...
thanks again

Tammy said...

Since I am new to blog can someone explain to me what blog hopping is? I saw it on Tania's blog and was not sure what it means.

Rikki said...

Thank you for doing this!! I'm so excited to follow along on the book study. This is something I want to do this year in my classroom and I know this is going to help me out!!

Lory said...

Hi Tammy... blog hopping is just visiting from one blog to another ;) You'll notice at the bottom of the blog post I've set up a link. If you want to blog and share your feelings about the chapter/book... post it on your blog and then come back to mine and click the link. Copy your http and paste in on my link. Then blog friends can hop from my blog to yours and read your post ;)
I hope you try it... it's kind of fun! Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited to learn from the fabulous teachers out there!!!

Tammy said...

Okay. I think I did that. My blog is called The Smartie Zone. Another question...I have searched for about an hour now and I can't seem to find how to change my font and text size for my comments. It is probably right in front of me but I am at a lost. Could you help me with this? Also, when you look at your blog on the Internet do you see the screwdriver and other tools on your site? I'm not sure if those are suppose to be hidden. Thanks for any help you can give me. I feel like such a newbie. I should be able to figure this out.

Susie Q said...

Hi Lori, I've already linked up with the other D5 book study going on. Can I still link up with yours as well? I figure the more I study the best I will be prepared for next year, right? Also, will you be studying the CAFE book as well?

Learning With Susie Q


kclair said...

I have not yet gotten Daily 5 or Cafe but am looking into getting them as I am teaching second grade this year for the first time in 20 years of teaching and coming from 5/6 grade. I just discovered the Daily 5 and Cafe as I have been searching the internet and blogs. How do I link up (Do I have to have own blog? or can I just take part in the study?) When ordering the books would book itself be better than Kindle version? Thanks for the info

Lory said...

Hi Laides.. yes, please join us... the more teachers and ideas the better for all of us ;) I have purchased the Cafe and plan to discuss it with the future chapters. I think others will do the same. I think it has a lot of great information in it. In order to link up you have to have a blog however... you are always welcome to share your thoughts in a comment if you're not interested in starting a blog right now. I purchased the 2 books rather than put them on my Nook because I like to write notes to myself all over the margins and post its are a must for me ;)
Thanks for joining us... I think you'll LOVE 2nd grade!!

Christa Swaney said...


Just finished the Daily 5 and Cafe workshops in Seattle with the Sisters. I have to tell everyone...they are fabulous!! It was probably one of the best workshops I have been to and I have been teaching 17 years. I now have a completely better perspective. I have been dabbling in it for 2 years or so, but after seeing them I have such a better understanding. I am super excited to start the new year!!


Nicole Heinlein said...

Love your posters, Lory! I'm also hosting a Daily 5 Book Study right now. I'd love for you to come over and link up with us! :)
Teaching With Style

Kirsten said...

I stumbled onto you blog, from another blog, (I'm sure you know how that goes) and was pleasantly surprised to see you're blog layout! Great minds think alike, and when it's free it helps too haha!

Ruth Ann said...

I knew I needed to make a change this year and this book study came at the perfect time. I am excited!

Tammy said...

I hope you post a lot of great insights for us since some of us have not had the opportunity to see The Two Sisters at their workshop. That is one of my " Gift Wish List" items for my family. :)

Tammy said...

Have a question...Since there are quite a few of us bloggers that have a D5 as Computer time, would you be willing to make one of your cute monkey posters with a computer?

Deanna said...

I am excited to follow your book study and learn all I can about daily 5. I plan to begin using it next year. Wish me luck. :)

Think all night…..Teach all day

Anonymous said...

Your Daily 5 Posters look great. When I click on the link, I just get an error message. Is it possible to download them? They look so cute!



Unknown said...

I clicked on the link and got an error message. Would it be possible for you to email the posters to me? My email is


These posters are super cute.

Suzy Q said...

Am I too late to download the monkey posters? (I got an error message, too.) Just starting Daily 5 this fall, so I figure I can use all the help I can get!

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Mrs. Regan's Adventures said...

Lory, I love what you have organized here. I added my blog posts I've been making about starting my own journey with Daily 5 and CAFE. I'm your newest follower and hope you'd be interested in following me as well.

Maria said...

HI, I'm excited to join this book club. I too am reading Daily 5 for the first time and hope to implement it this fall! My biggest concern/ question is how to tie it in with the 1st grade basal schedule I have to follow. Does anyone else use Daily 5 in conjunciton with a basal series??

kidzkidzkidz8 said...


I would love to print a copy of your Daily 5 Posters, but I get an error message. Would you be able to send me a PDF of them? Also, I know someone else mentioned about you possibly being able to make a poster for the COMPUTER too. Would you be able to do that? Please let me know.

Thanks so much!