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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

This fun little Mother's Day project has evolved over the years... my dear co-worker and friend introduced us to the 'sea salt/pedicure' idea for our mothers.  She wrote a cute poem and a wrapping was created and now it's colored and smells delicious... it's a great way to freshen up the classroom on a hot afternoon.
We bought Epson salt (at Walmart in the pharmacy... about $5.00 for a bag), scents and small jewelry zip bags at the craft store and brought the food color from home. I literally follow the directions on the pictures... pretty simple.  I bring 5 kids up at a time (5 because I have 5 tupperwares that I reuse every year ;)  we scoop and dump the salt, add the scent and color and shake, shake, shake!! We made a quick funnel to get the salt into the little bag and just zipped it up. 
I always have to explain how much I enjoy getting a pedicure.  I actually bring in a price list from the salon I go to regularly for them to see.  We do a little math to see how much it would cost Mrs. Evans to purchase pedicures for EVERY mom in our classroom... we realize it is a bit out of my budget... but realize that WE can offer this wonderful experience to our mom ourselves... with a warm bucket of water and this little kit.  I show the kids how to put a little oil in the palm of their hand and add a bit of salt... rub them together and then rub it on their mom's feet.  We talk about creating a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy a quiet conversation with their mother expressing their love and appreciation for them. 
Some kids go WAY out... with music and candles ... some keep it simple... either way we have received many sweet comments about the kind gesture.


Unknown said...

What a great idea!! I already finished up gifts today. Perhaps I mght orrow this idea for my end of the year gift for voluteers.

Thanks for sharing!


School Sparks Renee said...

Fantastic idea. The kids know that they actually made this gift for their mother. Love it! Renee

The Hands-On Teacher said...

I may use this next year!! LOVE IT!

Teach It Today said...

I love this! I will use it in the future!

Heather at Teach It Today!

Teach It Today said...

Hope you don't mind me pinning this!


meadowt said...

This will be perfect! Do you happen to have the poem to share?

Jackie said...

This is a fabulous idea! Would love to have the poem to share with them also. Thanks, Jackie

gifts2pak said...

cute idea......i adore him a lot.....
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