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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nomination... HELP!!

I need your help!
I received an email today that I was nominated for the Burt Brothers Teacher of the Year Award. Cool huh?  I'm sure the nomination was for ALL the fabulous people that surround and support Lory Evans.  I am so blessed with family, friends and a team that is the most AMAZING group of ladies.  We always say that when you get one of us in 2nd grade at Creekside... you get all 5 of us ;) We have been teaching together for 15 years so needlessness to say we know more about each other than our husbands would like :) This award is $1,000. $750. and $500... That amount to teachers is tremendous... like more than our entire 2nd grade supply budget for the the YEAR!!  Think of what we could buy these little friends!! Wahoo!!!
Please log in below ... it only takes 2 minutes.
Thanks so much for your support and help! 
KSL link


Krystal said...

I tried to vote but couldn't find the contest on KSL or fm100's sites... do you have the direct links??

Lili said...

Wishing you the best!!!! You have my vote now ;)

Lory said...

Thanks Lili... I have that Cinco deMayo file ready... send me your email and I'll get it to you ;)

Rick said...

Faith and Hazen are wishing you the best of luck.