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Friday, March 16, 2012

PIG Math

A bit ago I received a couple of very kind emails regarding PIG Math and the positive experience it was in the classroom. It made me SO happy!!! I love being able to share little tid bits of my classroom with other teachers... and I love it even more when it is enjoyed and helpful!! Per request... I have added my progress chart cards, pocket chart organization cards along with photos of each piece in my classroom and detailed instructions to my PIG Math file. It is truly a super duper easy, quick way to help kiddos memorize their basic math facts. Those who have purchased this file stop by and download it again for more goodies and many more pages.


Sandra said...

It looks cute!!
❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Emily said...

Aww man! I got this file way back when you had it posted for free on your blog. =)
My P is for Pig Math post with the tracking card is still has the highest views on my blog. =) Thank you for it!

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

Unknown said...

First Grade Blue SKies

Kynda said...

I purchased your PIG math last summer and my kiddo's love it! It has been a great way to help them be excited to master those math facts. Plus since you alternate between addition and subtraction, I feel like both get equal attention.

Christie said...

I have been using PIG Math since January and my kids LOVE it!!!Thanks so much for adding all the new pages to the download.