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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Toad-ally In Love Centers

While completing the Toad-ally in Love centers with my kiddos I came across a couple errors and also decided to add a couple more independent activities... if you purchased the centers yourself... download the 3 pages below and add them to your file. It still amazes me after editing and editing and rereading and rereading and checking one last time... there are still mistakes... augh!... anyone interested in editing for my numbskull brain in return for free activities? Two heads have got to be better than my one crazy one! Thanks for your patience!!


Sandra said...

I would love to look over some stuff!

Jennifer said...

Sure, I would love to look over some stuff!!

The First Grade Dream

Hello Mrs Sykes said...

No worries... your ideas are great! I always reward the first kiddo who finds a typo, telling them they were a great detective!!!
If you want another proofreader, I'll happily volunteer.

Hello Mrs Sykes

Unknown said...

I would love to look over your stuff! You are one of my BIGGEST motivators. I also get so inspired from your blog. I think your stuff is so amazing! I wish I could be as creative and talented as you are!


Lyndsey (A Year of Many Firsts) said...

What a smart idea! I'd love to look over your activities. Love your blog!

I'm your newest follower.

E-mail me at: lyndseykuster@gmail.com

Thanks for sharing!

A Year of Many Firsts

Kate said...

Hi Lory,

I love your things and would definitely be willing to look over them! We all need an extra set of eyes :)


Emily said...

I am an uber editor. My co-workers time me to see how long it takes for me to find errors. =)
Don't worry! We all do it.

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

Christine said...

I would LOVE to edit your work! I Buy almost all of your activities :)

Karyn said...

Lory we ALL make errors. :o) Your materials are incredible so no worries. And of course if you ever truly need an editor I'd be happy to help. Keep up the outstanding work (errors or no errors - lol).


Mrs. L said...

I love your activities and would love to help out.
Life with Mrs. L

Anonymous said...

Your materials are fabulous and have worked so well with my 1st/2nd blended class! I would SO love to be an editor for you. I worked in marketing and advertising for 10 years so I have a LOT of experience...plus, I think proofreading is FUN! My husband calls me "laser eye!" HA! Thanks for all you do!

Suzy Q said...

Nothing I love more than proofreading! Seriously, if you need help...

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

meadowt said...

I would love to proof your work. You have amazing products. Thanks for sharing.

kimcollatos said...

I would love to help proof read any of your mistakes :) I love the things that you make.


Mrs. Baker said...

I, the "English Nazi," would love to proofread for you!


Krystal said...

Sounds like you have lots of volunteers already! I teach 2nd grade and also work as a math specialist for granite school district. (and I'm a total proof-reading nazi!!) so I'm happy to help as well :) missplott@gmail.com