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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Synonyms, Antonyms, Oh My!

I love this time of year... the kiddos are familiar with the routine and schedule... they know they expectations... love it... it's also a great time to review some of those earlier language units. I pulled these activities out this week and the kids have loved them (so have the substitutes... I had a horrible head cold).


YearntoLearn said...

I'm focusing on homophones when we return.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Lessons Learned said...

oh we are doing synonyms (or cinnamons) as we speak!! we did a synonym crossword today! I would love the synonyms and antonyms. You are awesome! Feel better!

Debra said...

These look great! We are just starting on synonyms. I would love to see more!

Miss Dennis said...

I'm doing a gingerbread stories study this week and the beginning of next to reinforce all of our first semester language arts skills!

we're starting astronomy in science and the astronauts/aliens/antonyms looks awesome! my esol buddies have a hard time with opposites!

Hope you're feeling better!
lauren dot e dot dennis at gmail dot com

Notes From Miss Dennis

Unknown said...

Just plain Awesome!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Karen said...

We are working on compound words right now!


Sara at school said...

These all look good - we just finished compound words right before Christmas - and right now I can't remember, but I think we do synonyms in the next couple weeks. Sara

jen said...

I'm in the process of back-tracking and working on the difference between plurals and possessives! I'd love to give them something other than worksheets...I mean handouts :P

All of these units look awesome!


Jen Sykes said...

Love your blog! It's filled with helpful activities, and has saved me more than a few times. :) We are beginning our synonyms/antonyms unit, though I know I would love any of your units. Thank you for always sharing the great ideas!

Mrs. Henline said...

You always have great stuff! You are one of the bloggers I visit most because you don't have all those silly giveaways and constant postings about TPT:)

I'm a title I teacher so I am working on multiple skills with the children at the same time to reinforce classroom instruction as well as supplement it. I would be appreciative of anything you are willing to share!

Thanks so much!!!!!

Kate said...

We are going back to review our fall skills for a few days before we jump right into new things!


Unknown said...

Love your stuff-very cute! I am your newest follower...come on over to my little blog and have a look:-) See ya there...Johanna


salley said...

We're definitely studying synonyms! My kids really need to improve their vocabulary. Synonyms will be used to add more flavor to their writing.


Suzy Q said...

I like to hit synonyms several times, so that we can focus on not overusing words when writing. All your ideas are so cute!

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Amanda Hodges said...

You have cute ideas. I follow you blog and TPT page. I want to tell you that I bought the Compound words one because we are starting them next week. Feel better.

Amanda Hodges said...


Unknown said...

Hey Lory! I am Lory too! I've never met someone that had the same spelling of my name before. I live in Utah also. :)

Lory said...

How fun!!! I've never met a Lor--Y before either. Wahoo! Thanks for following along ;)