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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. Seuss Day Giveaway

We always have a fun day in March as we celebrate Dr. Seuss Day / Reading Across America. I just updated my file and I'm wanting to share it with a few of you. I'd love to hear a Dr. Seuss idea from your classroom... leave a comment and we'll draw names on Friday!! Happy Hump Day!!
Toot!-Toot!... The 5 winners are comment
#21- Mrs. Ann Green
#26- Sarah
#15- Briawna
#8- Clove
#13- Chrissy
send me your emails!!!


Unknown said...

One thing we do that the kids love is that we graph whether we think we like green eggs..then we try it for snack!
First Grade Blue Skies

teachermom said...

This would be my first Dr. Seuss day celebration!

Amy B said...

We read Diffendoofer Day and create our own teacher and then the kids write about her! We also make Ooblek and I tie that into matter!! Such a fun day for the kids, they LOVE Dr. Seuss!!!

Amy Burton


Mrs. Henline said...

Rather than the teacher reading several of Dr. Seuss's books, the students buddy reading rotating around the room to different books and then we graph the results of their favorite one ( almost everyone does this :))


Kate said...

We make "cat in the hat" hats for the kids!


Anonymous said...

We have everyone in the primary school dress up like their favorite Dr. Seuss character!


Hello Mrs Sykes said...

We have a huge "read-in" where students bring a stuffed buddy and a blanket or towel to lounge on. Students read to their stuffed animal, or to a friend, during Daily 5. The kiddos get really into it! We also graph our favorite Dr. Seuss books. Great giveaway!

clove said...

We will make "Wacky Sticks" with chocolate dipped pretzels decorated with sprinkles on WACKY WEDNESDAY!

Tania said...

We have "important" people come into our rooms and read a book (support staff , administration), make hats, read in other classrooms with a friend, popcorn and a dr. Seuss movie, book talks , invite others to read to/with us, sometimes we visit the public library and read to a dog, bring blankets , tents, and favorite books too read.... Eat yummy snacks!!!

Lisa R. said...

We celebrate by having a "dress up" day every day of that week. Monday is "Mixed Up Monday", Tuesday- "Topsy Turvy Tuesday", and finish off the week by having green eggs and ham on Friday. The kids love it!


Elisabeth said...

Last year I did a week long celebration and we had dress up days. The dress up days went along with certain books that we would read that day and do activities with.


Mrs. L said...

I would love to win. One of my students absolutely adores Dr. Seuss.

Chrissy said...

I ask the children to design a new Seuss-like character. As we read the books during the week, we add character details to a chart. On Friday, the markers, paints, etc. are put to good use! The children create original names for their characters, too.

I can't wait to see what is going on in the imaginations of this year's kinders!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Last yaer, I read "To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street" (without showing pictures) and gave the kids clipboards and blank computer paper. As I read, they drew what they thought the pictures looked like. It was a great lesson on visualization!


Briawna said...

We read Oh, The Places You'll Go! We talk about the places they can go in life and what their goals are. My school is big on getting the kids thinking about life-long learning goals. So we talk a lot about things they want to do.
Thank you for sharing your ideas!


kinderpond said...

We celebrate the whole month :) Here are some of my ideas:


Also download the Seuss photo from the Apps store :)

{Who's next classroom theme will be Seuss :)}

YearntoLearn said...

My class always loves doing some Dr. Seuss Reader's Theatre scripts.

Yearn to Learn Blog


Kinderglynn said...

We do cat in the hat hats and read books and do lots of rhyming!! We also have had thing one and thing two come in and read to us!!!!!!!

Maria Youngblut said...

Our second grade classes do "A Tribute to Dr. Seuss" Readers Theater. Each child dresses up as a character in the script. The teachers dress up as the Cat in the Hat.

We have also done a Dr. Seuss themed reading cafe.

Lindsey said...

Each year we read "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" and then we create it out of cornstarch, water, and green food coloring! My kids LOVE getting to make oobleck and then of course playing in it. I set up a big table and cover it with butcher paper. I then create tubs of oobleck for the students to play in and "discover" the states of matter within. It is a huge mess, but a great time! They each get a baggie to scoop some to share with their siblings and teach my future 2nd graders a mini-matter lesson! :D

Unknown said...

Each year our school does a big "Read Across American" Event where we invite significant people from the community to come in and read their favorite Dr. Seuss book to our class. It is a lot of fun for our students to see the Mayor of our town or our district's Superintendent read their favorite story. Then all classrooms are visited by The Cat In the Hat who leaves them a special red and white striped treat. It is one of our school's favorite events of the year.

Miss Dennis said...

My absolute favorite thing to do is to give each kiddo one of the large pieces of white construction paper and ask them to draw the Cat in the Hat. The only directions I give them are to leave space at the top for the hat (one of the cut-outs from the teacher store). Each student's cat is awesome, SO unique! They also enjoy Wacky Wednesday, we make our own wacky illustrations, and get to wear name tags with our names spelled backwards for the day. It's so hilarious, and super cute, watching them try to figure out how to pronounce their wacky names!

Happy Wednesday!
Miss Dennis

Ali said...

We pair students up and each student selects a different Dr. Seuss Story to read and present about. They create a poster too. It is a really neat project!


Hollie said...

We make the whole week a celebration, but the kids love being able to wear p.j's and pillows one day and we relax and read Dr. Seuss books all day!! Would love to win your unit!!


Sandra said...

Your unit looks awesome!!! I would like to do something special this year but I just don't know what!!! I am reading the other comments so I can get some ideas!
❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

Pick me! Pick me! Looks like lots of fun!

sarahmarianj at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic. I'd certainly like to use it. My school is using a program that really eats up our time, but I'd find a way to get my students to read some great reads.

luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

We too do a week long celebration every year pj day starts it all off with Family Reading night where you can read all around the school in your pjs and blankets! The rest is also based on the books! Thanks for the chance!

Rachel said...

I just received my packet for Reading Across America yesterday! So excited! Haven't celebrated Dr. Suess yet, so I am still searching and reading up on ideas! Your unit looks great! Thanks for the opportunity!


Jennifer Gorham said...

I bought a Cat in the Hat costume several years ago. I put it on right before lunch and have my picture made with each student during lunch. Then we print the picture for the student's scrapbook. I dress up on the day that my 1st grade students and the kinders dress up as the Cat in the Hat. The pics are so cute!

Unknown said...

I have a question for you. . . First, I LOVE your math stations! I am having trouble coming up with a way to organize all the different math stations/games I purchase when we use them in class and when we are done with them and I need to store them for next year. When you get a chance could you give a little "tour" of how you do both? I would love it!

peggy27 said...

We always read his books and make Dr. Seuss hats. one year we did oobleck!

Karyn said...

We spend each day of the week on a different Dr. Seuss book, (i.e., Wacky Wednesday) and complete activities about that book.


Jen R said...

we go outside and read for about 30 mintes...I have a HUGE stack of dr. seuss books they can keep trading from. I've even caught some partner reading going on...then we go inside and they have to give a little "book blessing" on their fav book they read...oooooh...book blessing - just came up with my next post! ha! Thanks!

♥ Jen
The Teachers' Cauldron

Missy Rose said...

I love to make little cat in the hat snacks with life saver gummies (red ones) and white icing! Unfortunatly, our school's can't do that kind of thing anymore due to health requirements. We also have our janitor dress up in a big Cat in the Hat suit and come in to read to students! That's fun! Our cafeteria serves green eggs and ham for breakfast! A big hit! I love to do Horton Hears a Who activities all day and end with the movie! Hooray for Dr. Seuss Day!

Anonymous said...

I've loved Read Across America/Dr. Seuss' Bday for years! It looks like you've created a really cute and smart unit! Thanks for sharing! :)

Leila H

Unknown said...

Wow! I actually won! Amazing! Thanks so much!

Here is my e-mail address


Thanks again!

Ann @

Colleen D. said...

Love the centers and I love your calendar...what a money saver!

Unknown said...

I was trying to get the Dr. Seuss Patterns for my kiddos but it doesn't come up. Should I look somewhere else or was it removed. Love them and they'd be perfect!