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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Money - Counting Coin$... giveaway!

My class had a ton of fun with money this past month... I hope someone else can use these activities to help boost the confidence in your student's ability to count coins.
My hubby and I are off to celebrate our ANNIVERSARY, however, I'd love to give this unit away to a few bloggie friends when we get back in town... leave a comment and share 1 idea you use to teach money in your classroom... I'm off to back a bag ;)


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!
(OH SHOOT...CAPS WAS ON..SORRY!! I didn't mean to yell!!! promise =) LOL)
First Grade Blue SKies

YearntoLearn said...

Enjoy your trip!

I've used the Touch Math point posters to help with counting money.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Charlotte said...

I use "Hairy Money" in my classroom which is similar to touch math.

Happy Anniversary :-)


Unknown said...

I use an I have... Who has to help student identify names of coins and count the amount.

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

This looks wonderful! I like to cover money every day during Calendar Math. I get the plastic coins and put magnet strips behind them,as we count the amount of coins students can manipulate them as we put them up on the white board for the class to see. :)


Tania said...

I use menu math to review money. We create menus, check slips, order from different restaurants (created by us); and for my higher learners, we introduce taxes. We do money pattern strips, songs, Venn diagrams...all I can think about right now :)

Fitbecky said...

I like to use the Cash Cow App on the iPod Touch! My class loves it!!

2nd Grade Rocks!

2nd Grade Snickerdoodles said...

I love these money ideas!! I teach a 2nd grade inclusion class. Touch Money has always been effective for my special ed population and those who struggle with counting amounts of money.


Sara at school said...

I have some cards (left over from the teacher who had my room before) that have the amount on one side, and what coins to use to make that amount on the other. I give the students play coins and have them make the amount before flipping the card over to check. Sara

Laura said...

Love your stuff and love using a class store to reinforce money concepts! It takes a little time but is well worth it! lmartin@rcsd.ms

Emily said...

We do a couple of Dinah Zyke's flip books. They LOVE the one for different ways to show a dollar. I also have a cash register in my math centers and they enjoy playing "store".

Alessia Albanese said...

Happy Anniversary! This looks like a great unit! I always play "Coins in a Bag" game towards the end of the unit. Students reach into the bag and before pulling out the coin, try to guess what it is. It's a great way to reinforce coin names.

ΡΌ Alessia
Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

Ali said...

I would love some ideas for 2nd grade!! It's my first year. When I taught money in K, we made piggy banks out of plastic cups and would put money in and count by 1's, 5's, and 10's. We would use it for subtraction too. They students really enjoyed this hands on approach!


Hello Mrs Sykes said...

Happy aniversary! I like to give each table of second graders a small plastic tub of coins daily (with different amounts) as a part of their morning work every day. Great ideas!


Holly said...

This unit looks awesome - money can be tricky business for some, can't it?

I put money in my pocket and randomly will jingle it and say "I gotta little change in my pocket goin' jing-a-lang-a-ling {think: Georgia Satellites} and when the kids hear that they jump to attention, I pick a stick out of my cup and if "you can count it you can keep it"...sorta. That's a game my dad used to play with me when I was a kid. They don't actually get to keep my money, but they earn a sticker on their money chart and after they reach a dollar they can "buy something" from our treasure box. We kick this off when we get hot and heavy into money counting in math- but I do this throughout the year too.

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


Becky (Denton) Berry said...

I love teaching money. I start at the beginning of the year and I use it as part of my classroom behavior. Students earn/lose money for different things like doing class jobs and homework. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

Susie and Cody said...

My students earn money as a team (instead of team points) and we count it at the end of every day.

Miss Dennis said...

This unit looks fantastic (per usual!!)! My first assistant principal came into my class to teach my kiddos "The Dollar Holler Rap" and it's been one of the best tools for teaching coins and their worth ever since! You can put your own beat to it, but it goes like this:
my teacher knows a song, it's really kinda funny. it's all about coins and learning about money. chorus: pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters 2x. now a penny's worth one and a nickel's worth five, a dime is worth ten and a quarter, twenty-five. chorus. now five pennies make a nickel, two nickels make a dime, four quarters make a dollar, you know it every time! chorus. the end!!

my friend who teaches kindergarten even made hand motions for her kinders to go along with the rap!

:) Lauren

Suzy Q said...

We have a classroom economy where the students get "paid" for certain things...and they get to spend their money once a week. Plus, I give a bonus to all that add up their money correctly...nothing like an incentive on top of an incentive to help you learn how to count money!

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Allyson said...

I like to play I have/Who has with different coin values. Also, I love the money stick idea that someone mentioned finding on Pinterest :-)


Mrs. King said...

This looks like an awesome unit. I play heads and tails shake to teach money. You put coins in a cup (you can diferentiate for the learner), shake the cup and dump out- one partner counts the money for heads and the other counts the money for tails. Fun, fun!

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Belated birthday!

I always have to start off with pictures of the coins/bills and read them books about money. Your unit looks great!

Tami said...

I also like to use different games for helping to teach coin values and counting money amounts but I also like to display a large chart as we discuss each coin to explain each coins name, value, etc. It makes for a good visual for the students to refer to.

Delighted said...

We play Guess the Coins. They love it!! They also like to play I Have Who Has.

First Grade Delight

Tammy said...

This unit is great. I usually use money every day, but in February after presidents day I give them "change" to keep at their desks. I tell them it will "cost" them to go to lunch, recess, etc. So when it's time for lunch I'll say "today lunch is .34$" They then have to hand me that much from their change before they get it line. No ALL pennies and no just handing it to me they have to count it out.
Happy Anniversary!

Everything Math in Grades 3 and 4 said...

I use the money sticks, I have who has,
Hairy money and have a store set up in my room for students to practice with during centers

Laurie said...

Money is always so much fun! We do the coin cup at calendar and touch money! Would love some new ideas! These look great!

Karen said...

I use Touch Math to help my students learn to count money. If they can count by 5's and 1's then they are able to use the Touch Math to count coins. It is so much easier for my learning support students!

Erika said...

Oh, pick me, pick me! I'm doing money when vacation ends. I play a dice game where the kids roll a cube with 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and a star on it. For each roll they take the matching coin. If they roll a star, they get to pick any coin. After a predetermined number of rolls they count the total value of their coins and spin a spinner to see if the winner is the one with more or less money. Always a big hit!
2B Honey Bunch

Lisa said...

Last year we ended our money unit with a candy store. This year, I really want to do a Class Yard Sale! I know I'm crazy, but I think they would love it, and be motivated to correctly count the money. I'm thinking of paying them for certain things during the money unit--complete homework, caught being good, quiet station transitions, etc... I have tons of stuff that I need to clean out of my classroom, and some appropriate items at home, plus requesting donations from parents and staff. I always tend to bite off more than I can chew, but I'm really wanting to try this. Has anyone ever done this? If so, please give me some pointers--or talk me out of it!!! :)

I also read "Pigs will be Pigs" Super cute book, but always makes me hungry!! LOL

I'd love to win this unit since money is our next skill!

Live Laugh and Love to Learn

Chrissy said...

I give each child a tiny cup and drop pennies in it as I see the child staying on task, etc. When a child has five pennies, they can trade it for a nickel, and so on. Everyone knows that the coins belong to me, but they can trade them in at the end of the week, to shop in my treasure box.

Thanks for posting this idea....I need to check my coin stash!!! ReadWriteSing

Anonymous said...

I love to use coupons that I have cut out. I have students figure out what coins add up to that value or how much they would need after subtracting the coupon. My kids really struggle with money.

Christen said...
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Christen said...

Happy Anniversary!

I use "I have, who has" with money. The kids love it! Also, we play Around the World using money flashcards.


Mikaela said...

I use the touch math "legs" (as we call them) when teaching money. Money bingo is always a good challenge too. As the kids get better, I call the amounts much faster.

Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

I would love to try out your beautiful centers! :D
I have just used lots and lots and lots of practice.
I would like to try touch points. I saw one person suggest it. I also saw another idea on Pinterest where the kids use a number grid.


Unknown said...

Looks like a great unit! One way I use money in my classroom is to shop from the grocery ads. We work on food groups, reading skills AND money!

Teacher Gone Digital said...

I use touch points to help students with counting coins. I also do "a scoop of coins" in which students scoop out a small amount of coins, sort, graph and count the amounts. They love it becuase it's never the same twice.

Mrs. M said...

I use lots of foldables :D

Color Me Kinder

Mrs. Saoud said...

This is a must have! I begin teaching money with money poem, anchor comparison charts, and allow lots of time for work stations.

BAK Pack Photography said...

We count all the coins when we are counting the days of school. I use the Smart Board for my calendar time. This has been a weakness in my classroom, so I am trying to really get them interested in money this year.
Beth Ann❁
Taming My Flock of Firsties

meadowt said...

This would be great for my math atations. If you use Every Day Math then you are familar with Top-it. I have the students play Money Top it-they love it.

Heather Unger said...

I use money baggies. I number the baggies. Students count the coins in the baggie and then record the amount on their recording sheet. Makes a great center.


Diana said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year! Wow!
I use the money stick idea too (from pinterest) I also do money during calendar time adding a penny to the weather type for that day. Then we count together aloud. When appropriate, I ask, "Is there another way you can show (amount) with fewer coins?

CancelBlogger said...

I use a piggy bank during calendar time to review amounts and trades, as well as hairy money and touch money. Money is SO hard for them! I'm a first year teacher and need more ideas. I would LOVE to win your AWESOME unit!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I teach 3rd grade and we work hard on counting change. They create a menu and then they play restaurant. I give them baggies of real money (coins only) and restaurant order forms. They love it!
This would be great for more stations for my kiddos!


Mrs. L said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love to create puzzles. I put a pot with a label on it (75 cents) then see how many different ways my students can make that amount with the coins they have.
Life with Mrs. L

Ashley Everett said...

I use "hairy money" and also grocery store ads to practice add/subtraction with money.

-Ashley Everett


sarah said...

Math is my favorite thing to teach. I try to use as many games as possible.