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Saturday, December 10, 2011

1st & 2nd Grade Common Core - SNOW MUCH FUN - Math Centers

Wiping my brow...and celebrating with a happy dance... I'm giddy to announce that SNOW MUCH FUN is complete and posted. I hope we all find great success and enjoyment with these complete common core centers. I appreciate your suggestions and encouragement!! I added Math Talk Cards for each center and a sharing time SNOW MUCH FUN spinner to conclude each day of math stations.

First grade has been requested... here is the 1st Critical Area for preview the entire 140+ page unit is available at TpT!!


dbturner said...

Would also love to see first grade! Thanks!

Eleanor said...

Wow. This looks great. I am teaching place value now and we are heading into the common core. Can't wait to try what you created. Thank you so much!!

Heather's Heart said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! WOW! Your work is wonderful and time consuming! Thank you for the *freebies* you share!

I am your newest follower and would love for you to come visit my blog!

Unknown said...

I'm a follower and fan of your blog. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

I'm getting ready to implement Math Stations in January and just purchased your first grade Snow Much Fun Unit.

I do have a question - do you take time at the beginning of a unit to explain all the stations to your students at once? How do you get them familiar with the new stations each month? Also - do you have a sample schedule? I'm curious how you run your math time.

Thanks a bunch!

CancelBlogger said...

THANK YOU for sharing a large portion of your HARD work with us!! I teach 1st grade and we are implementing the Common Core next year, but I'm familiarizing myself with the content this year (and plan on using the Snow Much Fun at my work stations). I have the same questions as Susan (above). I started Debbie Diller's math work stations a few months ago (although my stations are far from complete) and I need CC based materials to work with. Being a first year teacher makes it even harder so I'm truly grateful for your freebies AND your reasonably priced items on TpT. I found your blog when I was searching the blogs for Debbie Diller inspired math work stations. During my search, I found when y'all did the Debbie Diller book study this summer (THANK YOU for posting all the FABULOUS freebies and hosting a chapter!!!!!!!) SO HELPFUL!!!!! Thanks for thinking of first grade:)