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Friday, September 16, 2011

Math Center/Station System

I'm logging off my computer RIGHT NOW and beginning my weekend, however, I have a quick bit to share regarding my stations/cards. We've been doing stations for a couple weeks now and things are running smoothly. This past week we used this card to help with the system and directions and it has saved me. They are becoming more independent and determined to figure out the goal at each station. If this idea might help anyone... I pass it on with a smile!

Have a great weekend!


Renée Louise said...

I just want to say a HUGE thank you for all of the amazing resources you share on your blog. I downloaded all of the HM materials you have in your TPT store to help me manage my 2nd year of teaching. I also downloaded other resources you offer and can't wait to use your math center activities!

Thank you SO much. You have NO idea how much you have helped me!


ashley said...

You've won an award on my blog!

Lory said...

You are so cute, Mrs. Magee!! Thanks so much for thinking of me ;)

Angela said...

Thanks for this! I'm just getting started with Math Work Stations with my (1st/2nd) class!

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