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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Get To Know You Necklace...FREEBIE

I've seen this idea on spots all around the blog sphere and wanted to create a version for my little kiddos. I purchased my beads and string at Walmart. I made my version for an example and my second grade daughter (soon to be my student ;) was dying to make one... she has to wait for the rest of the class though... right!?! I'd love to hear about your versions.


csturch said...

Hi Lory,
Love the idea of the Get to Know You Necklace. I went to look at the Google docs link, and it won't let me view your glyph.
Am I doing something wrong?


Emily said...

I LOVE this idea! I tried to download your document and google docs wouldn't pull it up :(

Unknown said...

This is perfect-o! Unfortunately, google docs won't let me see it either. Still, I love this glyph!

Lory said...

sorry friends... my fault... try the link now ;)

Shannon said...

Hi Lory!! This is an awesome idea!! I Teach K so I was thinking that I might revise it a little and have my students do it with their parents at our meet and greet!! I am so excited to hear you say you are having your daughter in your class this year!! I will be having my daughter in K this year too!! I feel like it is such a privilege to teach my own child!! Love your Blog!!
For The Love of Kindergarten.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Link works perfectly - AWESOME is what I'm singing! Thank you!

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