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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Classroom Set Up Race

Our district cut 2 days from our teacher preparation to save money...

crazy thing is... everyone was at school anyway to prepared the home away from home for our new kiddos. Teachers are sick that way ;)

It has been hot and sweaty and tons of fun to set things up again.

I stepped back in time about 20 years to create the cinderblock bookshelf to house my chapter books ... my kids couldn't understand how these could work in a real house. As you can see my kids are young... they haven't experience the college life yet ;)
It's always hard to think sleeping in, lazy days and sunshine afternoons are coming to an end, however, once I get back to the gang and classroom ... I have to admit, butterflies start fluttering in my tummy too!


Miss Kindergarten said...

That's why the districts cut the days! They know we'll come in a work anyway. :/

Brittney said...

Hey!!! Great pictures, where did you get your teacher wax burner from?