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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bathroom Pass... a title only a teacher could post!

It's true... I'm posting about the classroom bathroom pass... only because the idea was shared with me by my darling friend a couple years ago. I have used it ever since. I know longer hear, "Mrs. Evans can I use the bathroom?" My students know if it is an emergency, they have the pass out the door. It's tiny and cute and saves me answering 'that' question dozens of time each day. Only a teacher would appreciate this post... ;)

I thanked DeeDee earlier this summer (after our Book Party regarding Debbie Diller's math station book) for inviting me in on the fun and introducing me to a great resource. I am so excited to start a new adventure with stations this year. It was actually exciting to fill the boxes today! Thanks again, DeeDee!


Miss Nguyen's Class said...
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Mrs. Saoud said...

Your workstations look so crisp!! Did you put your back to school stations in for your first set? or more??

I went NUTS on the Back to School sale a few weeks ago. You were my only go to store for me this go around. I'd planned on combining a few of your items with my creations in the stations.

Primary Graffiti

Lory said...

Hi Cheryl
I stuck with my 12 back to school stations math stations. I wanted to see how they went so I'd know how to change the next go around. My class size is 28 so I'll have the computers and teacher help as my final 2 stations. I'm really excited to see how things go. It's been a long time since I've done stations. After reading Debbie's book and discussing it with each other on the blogs, I all in!
Good luck with the new year!! I'll continue stalking you ;)

Donut Diva said...

love the bathroom idea i am stealing it! Now my only thing is do the kids move the tag all day and make that velcro noise since it is on their desk? What do you have in your first day of school packet? And do they have the lanyard for something special?

Lory said...

Hi Heidi... They actually don't make that noise... thank goodness... my prozac isn't that strong ;) The lanyard is just a nametag that we use for the first week... for me and... with the passwords for the computers on the back until they get memorized. I put the nametags in a bucket on the counter for days I have a substitute or visitor. It's nice to always have them ready to go. I just switch them out each year.

Laura said...

Hi ~ I'm new to your blog and I'm wondering where did you find the math stations that you were preparing in the pictures? I believe you mentioned a book? I really love your blog! Keep up the great job you do.

Laura from Minnesota

Angela said...

Thanks for that great bathroom pass idea! I wasn't sure what kind of pass I should have for my 1st/2nd graders, but I created some based off your model. I think it'll work very well! :o)

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