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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Word Families

One of the activities that I am most excited about teaching my new little students are the word families. I have decided to devote the first few weeks to basic reading and phonics. I created 20 word family units at the end of last school year and it is so comforting to know that they are completed and ready... just a little click on PRINT and I'll have:

1- word cards (flashcards)... I plan to put a magnet on the back so we can move them around the board and manipulate and practice our ABC order

2- literature list... so we can include many wonderful stories

3- independent and partner activities to reinforce and provide extra practice

4- assessment for word family

I believe the only thing that I am missing is a Word Family Booklet for my kiddos to use while we discuss and explore each family and to have as a resource for their creative writing later in the year. That is my task for the day. I'll have that Freebie out ASAP... here it is... in the print option select 2 sided and it will print the booklet very easy and quick ;) Click on the #s to download each document... additional 19 units are available at TpT for $1. It's coming together... and back to school is coming way too fast ;)

How do/ Do you teach word families?

Word study is designed to build work knowledge that can be applied to both reading and spelling (Henderson, 1992; Zuttell, 1998). Because it is closely tied to reading instruction, it also develops student's abilities in phonics, word recognition, and vocabulary (Baker, 2000).

Adapted and excerpted fromLeipzig, D.H. (2000). The Knowledge Base For Word Study: What Teachers Need To Know. Scientific Studies of Reading, 11 (2) 105-131.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School Literacy Centers

Only 4 weeks of summer left.

These 12 literacy centers are a bit late coming out, but I'm so excited about them!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Debbie Diller's Chapter 8 Measurement

Measurement is a great opportunity for our students to participate in hands-on activities, explore their environment and learn a bunch of new math vocabulary! :) Debbie Diller tells us that it's overwhelming for children to remember all the measurement vocabulary we ask them to use, especially if we teach all the strands of measurement at once. She said, "This is a very important (and foundational) area of mathematics, so be sure to provide enough time to teach measurement concepts well." "If possible, start by teaching students how to measure length over several weeks... a few weeks or even months later, teach about measuring weight or capacity. Instruction on measuring time should take place later in the year."

In Lory's words...SPLIT IT UP, SPREAD IT OUT, ENJOY IT LONGER! I am so excited to step up my measurement instruction this coming year. I plan to create a math station devoted to measurement and the various strands throughout the entire year so my kiddos can review, explore and master the many vocabulary and measurement skills.

I've created my freebies with that idea in mind. I've grouped

(I've made Hickory, Dickory, Dock at my TpT has been marked as FREE for this week also... it's a fun activity for the entire class.)

and some of my classroom/student's favorite activities.
Measure the MagicMeasuring Inches at the Farm & Measuring Centimeters in the Sand
Please link up and share your measurement ideas and creations with us! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Debbie Diller's Chapter 8

Wahoo! We made it to chapter 8! What a fabulous book to read and prepare for a new school year with... I'm excited to share my thoughts and ideas with you next week. Please plan to link up and share your creations beginning Monday, July 11th!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Not All Math!!

Although it is one of my favorite subjects to teach... math isn't all I do ;)

I just completed by Synonym unit... Antonyms, Homophones and Compound Words are on the way...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Math Work Stations Chapter 7

Geometry is such a fun opportunity for student's to explore... I'm excited to step up my geometry math stations for my kiddos and allow them the chance to do so more often.
Last winter I taught a Math Survivor Class in my district and had a great time creating and sharing activities our young students might enjoy. I've added the links below... you're welcome to see if I've attached anything you might use in your classrooms.
Geometry Class

Additional ideas

This activity/game involves the geometry with patterning. There are 3 different game boards with different shapes to make your groups a bit smaller with the same bottle of pattern blocks ;)
Sunny Shapes colored version
Sunny Shapes black and white version

These cards were created to allow the students to recognize shapes and patterens in their activities. I'll add a talk card for this also!
pattern cards (once cut each page will make 3 cards) colored version

pattern cards (black and white version)

Thank you Mrs. Patton for many fabulous ideas... my printer is running on overtime ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Flavor... FREEBIE

While picking up a few groceries for a BBQ tonight... I ran into a display of the cutest Fruit Mallows. My kiddos really enjoyed the 'LiL Bunny Hop last year. I think this might be a fun activity to do as a whole class at the beginning of the year... updated version... 'Lil Fruit Stand. We purchased an extra bag to try them out... deLiCioUs!! These little guys stay fresh in an unopened bag for a few months. My are in safe keeping in the basement until school starts :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Robot Alert! FREEBIE

I knew as soon as I completed my Back to School unit that I wanted my 2nd Math Unit to be ROBOTS. No... it is not the theme of my room... we don't have too many around this home... they just sounded colorful, fun and exciting for boys and girls... so... I began shopping for some new art. YeaH! Aren't they cute!

I figure that each Math Station Unit will last approximately 3 weeks... that gave me 1 unit before the seasonal "FALLl' unit... ROBOTS it is.... I've loaded it at TpT. I'm so excited!! I've attached a freebie so you might see a few more of the little guys.

TpT 20% off sale through Sunday, July 3rd. Thanks for 400 followers and friends!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Calendar Pieces

Money Cards

Calendar Spinner

In our district has a math program that includes daily calendar activities. I've added a few more to help with a couple of topics the kiddos struggle with... it's also a fun way to incorporate a little science we experience on a daily basis. Each week one child leads the class through the calendar and all of it's components... this little spinner helps the dialogue going for my shy ones ;)