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Monday, June 13, 2011

What A Nice Gift!

Ding! Dong!

I am so lucky to have all of these new, talented friends. Ms. M designed a darling new blog button for me (and walked me through the process in great detail...kindly, too:) I am so happy to have a new addition to my blog. Thank you again so much Melissa!!!


Ms.M said...

Your very welcome. I am glad you like it. It looks darling.

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
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Anonymous said...

Very nice! I need to figure out how to create a button as well... maybe now since I can't sleep lol

Kim Balek said...

I like it. One of these days I'll learn how to create a button. I haven't been through all of Ladybug Teacher Files technology tips. I'm still learning how to tweak things on a blog.

Deedee Wills said...

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten