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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Math Work Stations - Chapter 3

Getting Started With Math Work Stations
This chapter focuses on how to manage effective math work stations.

This is how I see my classroom becoming a Math Station Classroom:

MODEL! (this will be the ONLY modeling job I'll ever have :)
Model and talk about what math work stations should sound, look, and feel like.

I love the idea of anchor charts and I Can charts.

Have students work in pairs.

Model how to use the math work station.

Teach children how to problem solve.

Have a place for lost items.

Have a system for going to the next center.

Slow things down
Spend the first weeks using the math manipulatives, exploring them, playing with them. Introduce and model procedures for using math manipulatives. Use that time to observed students interacting with one another. Remind students of the expected behaviors. Students will enjoy hands-on reviews.

Be Consistent
Remember math stations are "for reinforcement and extension of concepts and skills" you have taught.
In order to have successful Math Work Stations, children need daily practice; at minimum 30 minutes a day.

Plan time for sharing!!!

Create a visual Management Board.

Create labels to organize pocket charts, math tubs, manips

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lori, I am just beginning to get into to Chapter 3! Hop on over and look at what I have done so far!
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