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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Math Work Stations - Chapter 3

Getting Started with Math Work Stations... chapter 3

I do much better when things are organized. Planned, prepared and thought ahead of time...seem to save me time and energy in the long run ... so...as I think about 12 math stations in my classroom for next year... AND the new common core... I'd like to merge the 2 together as smoothly and easily as possible.

A quick question for the pros out there... what would the possibility be of assigning a station to each the standards so once things were up and running we'd have a bit of everything being covered during math stations... I do a spiral review each day in the form of a worksheet, however, I thought the hands-on approach in the form of a spiral review would be so much more benefical and enjoyable for the kiddos. Please share your thoughts and advice :)

The download is the 2nd grade common core list and then a planning chart for the 12 stations... the final planning chart is labeled with the standards.


Busy Logan said...

I got my copy yesterday and have already started trying to think about it in terms of Common Core and Investigations, which we use school wide. I like your idea of having a station for each standard, although I'm definitely not a pro. I'm trying to incorporate Math Stations with Investigation's whole group lessons, activities, and math workshop. I think that having a basic station activity for each standard that I could put into the workshop component as a review would help the students to remember what we learned earlier in the year. I tried to click on your link, but it says that permission hasn't been given to view. I hope you post it in your TPT store! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Mrs. Saoud said...

I would love a copy of the download. I've been working hard on aligning to common core. The file says isn't available in google docs. If not too much trouble, would you email the file to me?



Anonymous said...

I am def not a pro but we have introduced shape blocks before we even covered the unit. We left it open ended and just gave the kids a chance to explore and make their own designs. Some of their explorations touched on topics we would be talking about and they didn't even know it. It led to some "aha's" when we did cover it. When we plan centers we always included "old" "current" and "new"- what's coming next. Thanks for all of these ideas! If you would be willing to email it to me as well, I would appreciate it!

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Lory said...

Oops... sorry gals... I'll get on that link right now!

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

This is a wonderful resource especially as many of us make the move towards common core standards. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us all.

Ms. Gaither said...

I am the same way...I want to set my stations up to the common core standards

Jenn Bates said...

I thought the same thing about having a station for each standard so it would be like a spiral review! The hard part would be in the beginning when you haven't introduced enough standards yet. Maybe they could be more of an exploration station until you get to them?

Lory said...

Jenn that is what I was thinking for K and 1st. 2nd we could use the beginning of the year as a review of standards already taught in 1st. I think the set up will be easiest for me.
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Pam Justus said...

I love the planning page, Lory. I was just thinking of doing that myself. One of our 1st grade teachers does have her literary stations set up with the standards. I think that is a good way to keep all of the skills current.
I am about to begin training teachers to unpacking the common core in Tennessee. I just finished up a 3 year math grant at a university where our leader serves on PACC for math in our state. She is one of the most knowledgeable math instructors I have ever met. One of her comments was.."just because it isn't one of your standards doesn't mean you can't teach it." ie...money. It isn't on the standards until 2nd grade. That would be impractical to think that students would come to 2nd grade ready to do money problem solving with no prior experience. Common Core was designed to have common areas that all students would need in order to be college and career ready.

Megan Duarte said...

I like your idea of having a work station for each standard. I have been trying to figure out for days how I will do this in my class, and I think that's a great idea. I think I will double up on standards at the start of the year, giving the students a lot of review on key standards and then as new standards are introduced, I will change the work stations. I also like the idea of reviewing first grade standards.


Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

I love that you provide a planning guide so that every concept/skill may be regularly practiced as opposed to all of the stations focused on one objective. That allows for a spiral review and keeping all fresh. I've always hated traditional math programs that teach a chapter of addition & subtraction, then moves on to money, then time, then ... (etc.)

Anonymous said...

I love your stations and your Common Core plans for 2nd grade. Do you have any for third grade or any suggestions on site to get those types of plans for 3rd grade? Anita Rayburn

Unknown said...

I am brand new to 3rd and in my second year of CGI. I really have no idea how to do these math stations but I just got the math work stations book. Do you have any stations for third grade or any suggestions on site to get those types of plans for 3rd grade? I really like your plans for 2nd. I am not that organized but that is my goal for this year. my email is doliver@cossatot.k12.ar.us Any advice or help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks