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Friday, June 17, 2011

Math Songs

In my Math Survivor class last year many wonderful ideas and activites were discussed among 20 1st and 2nd grade teachers. Each time we met, the teachers brought back a lesson or activity to share. This was probably my most favorite idea... and my student's favorite. A list of math songs were compiled together to sing as a class. I typed them up and decorated the pages just a bit ... and the kiddos begged to sing a tune often. I'm hoping a few of you might enjoy them also ;)


amy.lemons said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing!

Amy Lemons

YearntoLearn said...

So cute. It would help if I could carry a tune.

Yearn to Learn Blog

hsamuelson said...

Thanks for sharing!
Love the time one !


Mrs. Jones Teaches said...

Very neat! Thanks for sharing.

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Thank you for the songs. I'm still teaching! Some of these will come in handy.

Little Priorities said...

These are great. I love integrating songs!

Thank you!
Little Priorities

Jill said...

Love these! I just sang them all to myself, haha. Super cute!

Magnificent Multiagers!

First Grade Funtastic said...

Love these. I have your math stations packet in my cart now too! Thanks for sharing!

sarah said...

Why couldn't my son have had YOU for second grade last year!? You do such FUN learning activities with the kids. It's so nice to see that even in second grade! Thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

These are so cute- can't to use them with my little Firsties! Thanks for sharing:-)

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