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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Know My Number Line

Do you know your number line?

So today, my daughter (she'll be a 2nd grader in my class next year :) and I have been playing the number line game... all day. She has actually figured out that if you count it out before moving the game piece, when you land on free choice, you have 2 options to win a chip! That is so exciting!!! I added the talk cards (Debbie Diller's idea) and it has really made a difference in the conversation during the game. In the beginning, we really relied on it, however, the more we played the easier it became to explain our steps. Wahoo!!!

I'm so excited... I want to send it to 5 of you to try out...as a freebie. Be the first 5 to leave a comment with your email address and I'll get it off ASAP.

We copied it on the color printer and in black in white on colored paper... both look cute!


Tami said...

THis looks so great! I know I would love to use it with my first graders!!

Adriana said...

I love it!!!


Rosemarie Bushong said...

I would love to have a copy! I have been looking at your things all day! I will be purchasing your back to school unit and your pig math!

Tania said...

This game looks fantastic. Can't wait to try it out with my kids. Thanks so much!!


maypop said...

This looks great! I especially like the talk cards. I definitely want to encourage more conversation during math, too. You have a terrific blog, by the way. I can always find something useful!


mary said...

Dang it! I think i just missed it. Everything you do is amazing. I teach in Alpine School district-- are you teaching any classes that I could participate in? Just in case my email is candlandfamily@gmail.com

Everything Math in Grades 3 and 4 said...

I know I missed it but it looks like an awesome game lory!

Hollie said...

I missed it but it looks awesome!! I will be getting your back to school unit...I am also reading the Math Stations book and you have great ideas to go with it!!


Beth said...

I just found your blog...it is amazing! Heading over to your tpt spot right now!

Taryn McFadden said...

I realise that I am not one of the first 5 people but I have just discovered your blog and think it is amazing!! I am a teacher in New Zealand and currently teaching year 1/2 which I think is the equivalent to your Kinder?? Not sure but I think that these activities would be fantastic to have in my class. If it is not possible I will still follow your blog as I love it :)