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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fitbecky said...
We don't have a Jamba Juice here either, but I just want to say I love your ideas and reading all that you do! You are an inspiration to me!!

June 28, 2011 6:16 PM

Thanks for celebrating with me everyone... Fitbecky, send me your email for I can send you a unit!!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Math Stations - Chapter 6

I've taken a lot of notes and I've been typing and creating, however, I must be slow... because it is not all ready to go... so chapter 6 might be in a couple of posts.

Ms. A did a fabulous job posting the detail of Debbie Diller's place value views and activities. Place value is something that I believe students need to have a solid foundation of much of math. In second grade we master numbers up to 999. My kiddos find great success with place value blocks and tons of hands on opportunities. A few weeks ago I shared an inexpensive find that has helped manipulation management greatly... please feel free to check it out.

As far as my freebies today they are ideas from MWS, just created... so we can print, pass out and participate in the place value fun ;)

100 Day Book Station

I'll continue working... promise!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Completed TImes Table Games...FREEBIE

I was kindly acted by a sweet blogger friend when I was planning on completing my Times Table Games... to be totally honest... I thought that I had with x2-x12. After reading and contemplating the question I realized that although times table 1 are quite self explanitory... it was still a skill we teach and want the kiddos to understand. Well tonight, I completed the project. Thanks for keeping me on my toes... One Plate of Cupcakes is a freebie tonight!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Know My Number Line

Do you know your number line?

So today, my daughter (she'll be a 2nd grader in my class next year :) and I have been playing the number line game... all day. She has actually figured out that if you count it out before moving the game piece, when you land on free choice, you have 2 options to win a chip! That is so exciting!!! I added the talk cards (Debbie Diller's idea) and it has really made a difference in the conversation during the game. In the beginning, we really relied on it, however, the more we played the easier it became to explain our steps. Wahoo!!!

I'm so excited... I want to send it to 5 of you to try out...as a freebie. Be the first 5 to leave a comment with your email address and I'll get it off ASAP.

We copied it on the color printer and in black in white on colored paper... both look cute!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Math Work Stations - Chapter 5

A great book of ideas, sunshine in the 70 degrees, my diet coke and a lounge outside (along with my 3 little ones :) ... this summer is starting out SUPER!
Chapter 5 was another chapter of great ideas and things to think about:

What did I learn in the chapter that will help me support math vocabulary in addition and subtraction work stations...

I love the idea of sentence frames.. it seems they increase easy math dialogue between the kids and encourages correct terminology.

I also love the idea of bringing in objects to inspire and encourage students to create their own story problems. Thematically, we can add fun and stimulating ideas... it seems to be a fun, easy way to change things up.

How do you build addition and subtraction fluency?

I believe students become more fluent with more practice... and that is not always easy. Sometimes our students become bored with too much of a good thing. I LOVED having a daily math fact timing and I love the fact that the kiddos can progress at their own pace AND love the fact that it only takes 30 seconds a day... most importantly my students really enjoy it and tend to remind me with their pencils in the air (our signal to begin the timing). About 18 years ago during my student teaching I was able to observe this activity and then tweak it for my classroom. I have been grateful for many years.

I also enjoy having activities for my students to do when they are 'finished' with assignments. In the morning my students begin with a math review sheet and then head over to the math center and wait for a partner to play a one page math game. The games are very simple for me to prepare and them to play. It provides them to practice basic math facts in a fun, active way. I believe in 'organized fun' :)

What type of story problems have you been working on?

I love using the foam stickers that are available at the craft stores for my story problem activites. The variety is endless and the cost is pretty cheap. The kids enjoy creating a picture for the story problem and then compile them in a class book for free reading. This coming year I want to provide more opportunities for my students to express their math vocab and knowledge in their writing... including story problems... with sentence frames to direct them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Loving the Math Station Ideas...

I'm so excited for Back to School and Debbie Diller's Math Station Book. We are only on Chapter 5 and I have to admit... I've gone ahead ;) I created a Back to School unit and was quite excited... now I'm even more happy... I've added additional stations (to include each strand) and accommodate for the large class size I will be having this upcoming year. I'll probably need 14 stations... 1 will be technology/computer, 1 will be small group with me... that leaves 12 math stations at one time. I've created them and the good news is... the are copied, cut and stored in a 9x12 envelope I purchased from the dollar store. I've purchased 14 - 5"x11"x16" Sterlite boxes to store the instructions and equipment.

I've also decided to give each student a Math Station folder to take with them as they rotate through the stations. Inside they'll have a cover sheet (I'll have a different one for each 'theme') with a paperclip to keep track of all the station assignments... a 100 chart to accomodate and a PUNCH card. Each day the kiddos will be able to use the hole punch to punch their card. By the time BACK TO SCHOOL stations are over... their punch card will be completed and they can hand in all their assignments in a semi-organized way... Wahoo!!! I'm so excited... now all I need is a few students ;)

I will be sending the updated Back to School file to all those that have purchased the unit. I hope it gets you excited for Back to School, too!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Word Family Literature LInk

literature link
I created word family units a couple months ago and I'm really excited to use them in the beginning part of the school year. I always love to read a story to the kids whenever I can so... why not each day before the word study time? I've listed about 3 for each word family to get the juices flowing... do you have favorites for each chunk?

Math Songs

In my Math Survivor class last year many wonderful ideas and activites were discussed among 20 1st and 2nd grade teachers. Each time we met, the teachers brought back a lesson or activity to share. This was probably my most favorite idea... and my student's favorite. A list of math songs were compiled together to sing as a class. I typed them up and decorated the pages just a bit ... and the kiddos begged to sing a tune often. I'm hoping a few of you might enjoy them also ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chapter 4 Math Work Stations

This book just keeps getting better. I'm loving the extra reading time spent outdoors in our beautiful, sunny 80 degree weather... it is usually not this delightful in Utah in June!! Fran did a fabulous job with her book review. I say ditto, ditto, ditto. I have created a few activities for my classroom. If you are interested or able to use them with your kiddos...I'd love to share!

Monday, June 13, 2011

What A Nice Gift!

Ding! Dong!

I am so lucky to have all of these new, talented friends. Ms. M designed a darling new blog button for me (and walked me through the process in great detail...kindly, too:) I am so happy to have a new addition to my blog. Thank you again so much Melissa!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Chapter 3 Continued...

As I've been thinking about what I have and what I need to purchase... how I want to set things up and the schedule that would be best for my classroom etc. etc. etc. I came up with the management board system that I'd like to try. I like the look of the board (in the small picture) on page 62. The Target dollar section has pocket charts at back to school time. I purchased a couple last year because I was sure that I could put them to use ;) I think I'll try one of these this year as my management board. I created a Math Station topper, numbers for my stations around the room and on the board, cards for my student's pictures to use on the board, a list of questions for mini lessons and a spinner to use at reflection time. This is exciting to see things coming together (at least in my mind... since I haven't printed, cut or hung anything yet;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Math Work Stations - Chapter 3

Getting Started with Math Work Stations... chapter 3

I do much better when things are organized. Planned, prepared and thought ahead of time...seem to save me time and energy in the long run ... so...as I think about 12 math stations in my classroom for next year... AND the new common core... I'd like to merge the 2 together as smoothly and easily as possible.

A quick question for the pros out there... what would the possibility be of assigning a station to each the standards so once things were up and running we'd have a bit of everything being covered during math stations... I do a spiral review each day in the form of a worksheet, however, I thought the hands-on approach in the form of a spiral review would be so much more benefical and enjoyable for the kiddos. Please share your thoughts and advice :)

The download is the 2nd grade common core list and then a planning chart for the 12 stations... the final planning chart is labeled with the standards.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My youngest, Max inspired a unit of mine that I used towards the end of the school year. His preschool class had a pirate party. Each student was invited to dress up and act the part... needless to say..."AURGH! AURGH!" was a fit and stuck for a few days. My second graders had a great time, too... although we didn't dress the part... maybe next year... we will definitely use the unit again.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Math Work Stations - Chapter 3

Getting Started With Math Work Stations
This chapter focuses on how to manage effective math work stations.

This is how I see my classroom becoming a Math Station Classroom:

MODEL! (this will be the ONLY modeling job I'll ever have :)
Model and talk about what math work stations should sound, look, and feel like.

I love the idea of anchor charts and I Can charts.

Have students work in pairs.

Model how to use the math work station.

Teach children how to problem solve.

Have a place for lost items.

Have a system for going to the next center.

Slow things down
Spend the first weeks using the math manipulatives, exploring them, playing with them. Introduce and model procedures for using math manipulatives. Use that time to observed students interacting with one another. Remind students of the expected behaviors. Students will enjoy hands-on reviews.

Be Consistent
Remember math stations are "for reinforcement and extension of concepts and skills" you have taught.
In order to have successful Math Work Stations, children need daily practice; at minimum 30 minutes a day.

Plan time for sharing!!!

Create a visual Management Board.

Create labels to organize pocket charts, math tubs, manips

Math Work Stations - Chapter 2

Chapter 2






My math materials were pretty organized to begin with.... but I need to label, label, label for my kiddos!

F.Y.I... This really isn't the best time to share this however... the OrgAniZatIoN thing reminded me about this boxes that saved my sanity with base ten blocks... I LOVE them! I bought them at Dollar Tree... they are about 8' square and fit enough base ten blocks for partners... in 2nd grade we use many hundreds and they take space... AND I got tired of ripped baggies ;) They stack up quick and easy and look nice!

Math Work Stations - Chapter 2

Chapter 2






My math materials were pretty organized to begin with.... but I need to label, label, label for my kiddos!

Math Work Stations - Chapter 1

I received my book a little late and got caught up in closing down my classroom for summer break, however, I have read through chapter 3 and I'm thoroughly enjoying Debbie's book.

I believe I have a few questions to catch up on:

Chapter 1

  1. Materials used by the teacher first, then placed in the station: YES

  2. Materials do not change weekly, but rather changed to reflect the students learning objectives: My concepts and tasks remain consistent... to my math topic. The activities are out for 3 weeks... rotating an old one off and a new one on... I plan to implement Debbie Diller's stations this year.

  3. All students go to stations daily: YES!

  4. Materials are differentiated: A bit... however, I plan to improve this

  5. The teacher observes work or meets with differentiated math groups: YES