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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Math Game Center

Another question that I was asked had to deal with my one page math games. I love simplicity! Anything the kiddos can do on their own, or get on their own... is a good thing in my little mind ;)

That is why I have set up a simple corner on my counter for math supplies/games. I leave 3 games each week for my students to play. I have already covered the subject and they are familiar with the concept. Each week I rotate one game (in the back of the plastic file holder) off and bump each game back a slot in order to make room for a new game. That way the kids have 3 weeks to enjoy the game and master the math concept.

My 3 drawer cabinet houses the manipulative the kids will need for any game. (I'm embarrassed to show you my AnTIquE wooden drawer box... he!he! It was actually brought into me from a parent years ago... who worked in a needle point store... it held the DMC floss... yeah, it is sturdy and hidden in scrapbook paper and does the job for me. One day I might splurge and purchase a Sterlite container at Target.

I love the transparent chips. They are cheap and the kids are able to see through them for some of the games. I've purchased them through our district warehouse.

The dice from the dollar store :)

The spinners are my favorite! They are a lifesaver... no more paper clips and holes in my game boards! I've purchased them from the district warehouse also... I've seen them in Educator's Outlet and ETC also.

My students wait for a partner at Math Corner when they have finished their assignment. We've discussed they won't be marrying each other... just playing a game... so play with the first person to come over to the corner. After gathering their materials, they find a spot in the room (on the floor) and set up the game (with the game board in between the 2 players) and play. If they finish the game and time still permits, they can go exchange the game board for another.


teachermom said...

Love the idea! Where do you get your gameboards?

Lory said...

I just make them... there are probably freebies on this blog... or TpT.

Kynda said...

Thanks for the idea about the transparent spinners! I love all of the district's games, but have definitely notice a lot of damage after my first year using them.

Deedee Wills said...

Hi Lory! Love your blog! I'm thinking about a blog book study and would like to see if you would be interested... Can't find your email on your blog page (I may be blind)

Would you email me? Thanks!
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

haha! i love how you tell them "they aren't going to marry each other!" i am totally going to use that in my classroom... :)