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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Number Bonds

Next year I am going to focus greater attention on NUMBER BONDS with my second graders. Number bonds are mental pictures of the relationship between a number and the parts that combine to make it.

The concept of number bonds is very basic, an important foundation for understanding how numbers work. A whole thing is made up of parts. If you know the parts, you can put them together (add) to find the whole. If you know the whole and one of the parts, you can take away the part you know (subtract) to find the other part.

Number bonds let children see the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Fun Adventure

This summer I've been inviting to participate in a blog hosting book study of Debbie Diller's Math Word Stations. This is a great opportunity to learn and share new ideas and download lots of freebies. Purchase your own copy and join in on the summer fun reading ;)

Stenhouse publishing, the publishing company for Debbie Diller's book is offering a free shipping code (which saves $5.00)... the code is MATH. It will be valid until July 30 and it's good on orders placed at http://www.stenhouse.com/. Wahoo!! But wait!! There is more... Laney Sammons, the author of Guided Math has jumped on board. Her publishing company has agreed to giveaway one copy of her book. All of us who are hosting this book study are so excited about this joint giveaway. Please post all your entries at Teaching Blog Addict!

Here is how you enter... Follow each blog (listed below). Once you have followed the blogs come back and leave 1 comment. If you would like a second entry post about our giveaway at TBA. 2 entries please. Click here to enter TBA- Teaching Blog Addict. Good luck! Can't wait!
We'll be starting June 1st with Chapter 1 & 2 http://www.mrswillskindergarten.com/
June 6th with Chapter 3 http://learningwithmrsparker.blogspot.com/
June 13th with Chapter 4 http://kindergartencrayons.blogspot.com/
June 20 with Chapter 5 http://primarygraffiti.blogspot.com/
June 27 with Chapter 6 http://oceansoffirstgradefun.blogspot.com/
July 4 with Chapter 7 http://pattonspatch.blogspot.com/
July 11 with Chapter 8 http://loryevanspage.blogspot.com/

Wahoo! Wahoo! Thanks so much for playing and celebrating with me. I hope these games can be helpful and enjoyable in your classroom as they have been in mine. The 3 winners of my math book are: tsimon, mary and ms. martin
Please email me your SUMMER address ;) (Doesn't that sound nice) and I'll get them in the mail asap. levans@dsdmail.net

Thanks again everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Long Process

Friday could NOT have come soon enough for me, my co-workers, students etc. We have had NONE STOP rain (for weeks) which boils down to long, dark, crazy days. "Inside recess" should not be called 'recess'... it's just chaos moved inside... anyways... we did enjoy a gorgeous, sunshine, 70 degree today in Utah and my bucket is now full. I enjoyed as much of it as I could on the soccer field, in the yard and playing with the kids.... Only 9 more days :)

ANYWAYS... Nearly 2 years ago, I submitted a book to Scholastic... last spring I received a call that they wanted to purchase it and planned to have it out in June of 2011. (Patience is not my middle name... I tend to dive in and get things done quickly...) So with many projects and my classroom and motherhood etc... June 2011 snuck up on me. I pulled into the driveway Friday and saw a red and white box on my doorstep... with my name on it... and I had not placed an order... woot! woot! Scholastic sent me a few copies of the book to share with my friends. So... my first giveaway... 1 entry for each:

Be a follower on my blog.

Follow my TpT store.

Leave a comment and give me an idea for a new math project ;)

Let's give away 3 books by Wednesday the 25th.

Thanks for playing with me!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final Times Table Game boards

We are now up to our eyeballs in times table math boards ;)

Thanks to so many of you that have purchased them from my $1 TpT store ;)

I hope you are finding success with them!

10 more days of school... wahoo!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Math Game Center

Another question that I was asked had to deal with my one page math games. I love simplicity! Anything the kiddos can do on their own, or get on their own... is a good thing in my little mind ;)

That is why I have set up a simple corner on my counter for math supplies/games. I leave 3 games each week for my students to play. I have already covered the subject and they are familiar with the concept. Each week I rotate one game (in the back of the plastic file holder) off and bump each game back a slot in order to make room for a new game. That way the kids have 3 weeks to enjoy the game and master the math concept.

My 3 drawer cabinet houses the manipulative the kids will need for any game. (I'm embarrassed to show you my AnTIquE wooden drawer box... he!he! It was actually brought into me from a parent years ago... who worked in a needle point store... it held the DMC floss... yeah, it is sturdy and hidden in scrapbook paper and does the job for me. One day I might splurge and purchase a Sterlite container at Target.

I love the transparent chips. They are cheap and the kids are able to see through them for some of the games. I've purchased them through our district warehouse.

The dice from the dollar store :)

The spinners are my favorite! They are a lifesaver... no more paper clips and holes in my game boards! I've purchased them from the district warehouse also... I've seen them in Educator's Outlet and ETC also.

My students wait for a partner at Math Corner when they have finished their assignment. We've discussed they won't be marrying each other... just playing a game... so play with the first person to come over to the corner. After gathering their materials, they find a spot in the room (on the floor) and set up the game (with the game board in between the 2 players) and play. If they finish the game and time still permits, they can go exchange the game board for another.

Math Facts

I was asked how I handle math facts. Well... I do believe that my kiddos need to memorize the basic math facts in order to be successful with double digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping...so... I start PIG Math the first week of school! I usually expect my students to write in their best handwriting on their assignments, however, they can be little pigs on PIG Writing. They are writing as fast as they can... so I don't expect great handwriting, however, I have to be able to read it :) (Hence, the name... PIG Math)

PIG Math takes 30 seconds to complete. I take 30 seconds before the timing for the kids to practice one time through with their PIG Phones.

"Pig Phones in the air... ready, set go (30 seconds)... PIG phones down... PIG pencils up (in the air to show me everyone is ready) "Go, PIG writers (30 seconds)... STOP! PIG pencils in the air... honesty counts! Drop your pencil to the ground... pass your paper to your table leader. Let's hand them in!"

I correct the papers daily. If they get 100% or all 12 correct... I draw a star on their quiz, move their magnet (on my progress chart) and place the quiz it on their desk first thing in the morning. That way they know that they have passed the quiz and have permission to get the next quiz for that day. My kids are on all different quizzes and it's not a problem. Math facts can be individualize without being a pain for the teacher ;) I don't like to hold them all back because a few don't have the skill mastered yet. When I have an extra second or two... I pull those kiddos aside with flashcards and help them with the PIG Writing quiz they are on. My requirements for each term are:

Term 1 - +0+1+2+3+4+5 1Review

Term 2 - -1-2-3-4-5 2Review

Term 3 - +6+7+8+9+10+11 3 Review

Term 4 - -6 -7 -8 -9 -10-11 4 Review

Wow... that was a long post... sorry... if you're interested the entire year of PIG Math is at my TpT store. Good Luck!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Learning our Times Tables

My kiddos are working on multiplication right now and they LoVE it! We are still discussing the basic steps and using lots of manips. These games have been fun for the kids to focus on one specific number at a time. Each game has a workmat for the kids to use manipulate their beans and come up with the product. I've posted them on TpT if anyone else is interested. Looks like I have a few more to make over the weekend (along with some planting and sunshine;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I promise I won't keep adding to this word family unit. I think I'm finished until something... MaGIcaLlY appears in a dream of mine ;)

I wanted to be able to assess each word family. These are just a little quick written one.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Teacher Bucket

I'm sorry the links are not working...

This is the label on the can... inside are treats.

Skor bar

Snicker bar



Pop Rock

Gummy Bears

Jolly Ranchers

Jumbo Smarties

Peppermint Patty

Reese Pieces


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

As a teacher... Teacher Appreciation Week is always fun. However, as a parent Teacher Appreciation Week is exciting. My children love to take a little something each day to their darling teachers. This weekend we wrapped and printed our treats for this year.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of you, too!!!

The Teacher Bucket poem came from Jenni at Simply Savvy
my printables are below:
Teacher Bucket

Clipboards (eighteen25.blogspot.com)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Word Family Cards

I completed my 20 unit Word Family Sets. I thought (afterwards) that I would probably like a set of cards for my board or for flashcards for each family... so here they are. If you're interested in the Word Family sets... they're on TpT (my dollar store :)

End of the Year Book

I can't believe we are running off things for the final week of school... it is going by so fast!!!

Today my clerical help is running the year book for the end of the year signatures.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mouse and the Motorcycle Book vs. Movie

This past week read the book Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary and completed a comprehension activity each day to summarize the main idea. Today we watched the show for a compare and contrast activity. We loved the book!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Honk! Honk!


My kiddos are working on multiplication this week. We are still in the manip stage of determining sets and how many in each set. It's coming along nicely. Today we completed Raceway. Many of them, throughout the lesson, said "Now, I get it!!" Don't you just love that sentence!!! Our desk was pretty full of math tools, however, we got the job done. Tonight they are taking home their manips (cars) and sets in a baggy to complete another assignment as homework.. they love to show off for their parents :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buzz! Buzz!

We started our multiplication unit last week. Buzz! Buzz! is a simple, one page math game that my students can play and practice their times tables with. I love to copy and laminate about 15 of these. I place them in my math center for my kids to work on after their assignments are finished. They find a spot in the room to work with a partner and play. Sometimes a single copy goes home with the student as a homework assignment. I like to keep the family involoved and it is nice for the parents to see how their student is progressing.

The Grandma Mix-Up

Thank You, Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower

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