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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fixing Fractions

We are actually becoming pros at fractions... however, this is another practice (for the boys :) with a bit of a construction theme). Today we introduced the game and it was Mrs. Evans vs. the class. We used one game board under the projector and they used the construction cones to determine their answers. It was a hoot... ManY times, I landed on the exact same question... thus, I was not able to progress. They thought it was real funny... UNTIL payback came for them. I read the questions aloud and then pulled sticks (kid's names) for the answer...(that way EVERYONE HAD to be on board.) We were both down to 1 answer... we flipped back and forth a couple of times because the right answer was already covered... FINALLY, Mrs. Evans landed on the question that I needed and immediately before I even manipulated my blocks (under the projector) they were groaning because they knew it was the answer that I needed to win the game.

I had to promise them that this game would be added to our math games for fast finishers.

Fun times + Learning times = fun day at school :)


Jessica said...

Hello, when I try to download it says I need permission! Has that happened to anyone else?

VEry CuTe!

Kynda said...

Thanks for sharing. My class and I love your games! We'll be trying this one out next week.

Miss C said...

Lory I just stumbled across your page and I could not be more excited!!!!
I am so so so appreciative that you are so willing to share your things....It has been hard to come across second grade blogs!

What font do you use on this game? When I try to download and or print it....The words do not come up!!! Please help!

Thanks so so so much!

Lory said...

Ms. Conrad... send me your email and we'll try it that way. It is set up for the public on google docs... I'm sorry.