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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another project :)

I guess it has been 7 years or so since our district switched to Houghton Mifflin Reading. We've created quite a set of activities to accompany each story. One that I have enjoyed doing daily with my students is Daily Language. I've created sentences incorporating our spelling words for that week. We focus on punctuation and capitalization also. One thing that I tried (just for fun) was offering the kids a spree if their handwriting was beautiful. I correct them each night. Next to the day I write their score -2 / -1 or a star if everything is correct. If their handwriting makes me happy... I add a smile at the end of the sentence and they get to eat a spree while they work on the next days sentence. It was AMAZING! A tiny spree made them slow down and try harder.

The back side of my Daily Language is a spelling text pad the kids work on for a few minutes (after they finish correcting and writing their sentence for the day). They use the telephone key pad to write the number sentence for each spelling word. It's a fun activity and opportunity for them to legally text in class ;) This is completed by Friday and turned in... just in time for the spelling test.


Mel said...

I love the activities that you have created to go along with Houghton Mifflin, however, I teach first grade. Do you have a friend or coworker who blogs with first grade material? Would love to find a good first grade blog to follow! Thanks-

Anonymous said...

I love the daily language sentences you have created and the new spelling activities you shared on another post. Do you have these activities made for themes 2-6? If so, would you be willing to share? If yes, could you please email them to: sbartoldus@acsd.k12.ca.us

Thanks do much!!