Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wonders Curriculum

I had a few friends ask how I organize and plan for my Wonders weeks/months...
This is my outline.  I made it a couple years ago...
I didn't even keep the file on my computer... eekkks!
So here is a scanned version.
If it can help anyone... click the first photo and it will take you to GoogleDocs.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Best Year Ever Sale

Did you hear the news?
I'm not sure whether to be excited or not.
My cart is filling up, however, I'm mentally not quite ready to start school again.
The Evans' household has enjoyed the 'lack of routine'... 
pjs until noon... late night fun etc.
That will quickly come to a fast halt.

I do know that as soon as I open my classroom
 to begin to prepare for the new year... 
see my fabulous co-workers...
start planning for my new little ones...
the positive vibes will return!!

My daughter asked... if the school would ever consider 
pjs appropriate for the dress code ;)
hmmmm.... maybe we do need to step it up around here ;)

Enjoy the sale and don't forget the code
BESTYEAR... because it will be for all of us!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

1st Grade Focus Board

I received many requests for a 1st Grade Focus Board similar to my 2nd grade that I use in my classroom. It is finished and posted!! Whew!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

THUMBBODY thinks you are Special!

I am so excited about my newest product.
It is just for fun!!
It's an opportunity to tell THUMB-BODY that you love them!!

It's actually going to be the Christmas gift my kiddos are going to give their parents.
Cute huh?
All you need is a few stamp pads, markers and THUMBS!!

It's the perfect size for a desk or kitchen counter or hanging on a wall.

I realize that I have curriculum to create... but taking a break to thank or love       THUMB-BODY was just too fun!!

Okay ... back to work!

Monday, July 18, 2016

#2forTuesday Loads of Math

I had such a great time purchasing new products yesterday for my new classroom this fall.
Thank you to the many that participated and posted their fabulous work for $1.
#MondayMadness was fabulous!!

Today is 2 for Tuesday!!
That means 50% on 2 of my favorite products.
They both happen to be math... it speaks a bit about my passion.

Common Core Math Assessments have been appreciated by hundreds of teachers.
I have created one specific for 1st and one specifically for 2nd.
Whether you use them as a Pretest or Post test or both... they will help you assess each and every math standard in your core.
Originally $8 but $4 today!!
 My other product to share today... is my 12 Multiplication game boards.
They are an easy to create (1 page only) print in colored ink OR on colored paper.
They are adorable, fun and helpful to students mastering their times tables.
Use them in your classroom or send them home for homework!!

My dear friend, Michele has a FABULOUS daily reading homework 
that I have used for years.
She has updated the product a couple times to cover phonics, strategies,
 comprehension, grammar and so much more. 
 The parents love it and see great progress with their students.
Check it out! It is 50% off July 19th  #2forTuesday.

I made these covers to go on the homework for my own class this year.
You can find them when you click on the image below.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

#MondayMadness Round 2

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer break and finding 
a few minutes to unwind and relax!

My little family has been getting their paint on with Yardzee...
My sweet 12 year old daughter thought it would be a great way to earn money
 for Back to School shopping by creating and selling them... 
well,  just within our neighborhood... she sold 40!!!
About half way through she said, "Mom... I'm done!" "This is too much work!"
hahahaha... we had one of those heart to heart chats about
 perseverance and finishing a job.

Needless to say... WE completed the project and learned a few lessons.
We actually had a great time together.  It is fun to drive around the block seeing so many neighbors playing this fun family game together... so win... win!

Anyways onto the exciting announcement....

Wahoo!!! It's back!!!
Oceans of Steals, Deals and Giveaways ALL week long!!

Something for everyone... everyday of the week.
And a fabulous drawing at the end of the week for a handful of lucky winners...
just for following our Facebook pages!!

This week...
I have included my newest math station BLACK AND WHITE version.
Nearly identical to my original... without the color.
Save your colored ink... pull out the colored paper instead.
This project started in January of last year... so I'm working sort of backwards... January-May are completed and ready to go... Sept - December are under construction RIGHT NOW! I just finished up September and thought it might be a good file to prep for the beginning of a new school year... so TODAY only it is $1.  Originally $10!
146+ pages ready for you and your classroom!!! The kids will loved the hands on opportunities and you'll love the easy organization and reviewed skills!!

My other #MondayMadness file is Print It and Teach! September.
The title says it all!!  Math and ELA skills ready for  print and teach.
I actually copy the pages back to back (to save paper...usually math on one side ELA on the other) at the beginning of the month and set them next to my desk for those moments you find throughout the month... 5 minutes here or there or schedule change... these are perfect for those moments and the kids seem to enjoy the quick review, challenge and thematic assignment.

I hope these help you as you prepare for the beginning of a new year.
It is so exciting to try new things... make new memories and challenge ourselves.

Go grab a Diet Coke, put your feet up and visit
#MondayMadness to inspire yourself!!

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